‘Avengers: Endgame’ Theories (2019 Edition)

How will the series end?

With the Avengers series about to wrap up at the end of April, many fan theories are hitting the web about how the franchise will end. After a snap of the fingers of Thanos, half of the Avengers are dead, along with half of the universe. Tony Stark is floating alone in space and only time will tell if Marvel’s greatest heroes can stop the mighty Thanos with his Infinity Gauntlet. Will the Avengers be able to rally around each other and save the day, or will Thanos maintain his title of being the baddest mofo in the galaxy?

One thing I think we can all agree on is that this finale will be emotional. There will most likely be more deaths and sacrifices made by the Avengers to save humanity. The motto for our heroes in this go around is “whatever it takes.” That is a phrase that sends a chill up your spine, and you know the Avengers family will lay their lives on the line and do whatever it takes to save the galaxy. There are going to be moments of suspension, intensity, and heartbreak guaranteed. These are characters who have been on the big screen for nearly a decade, and their story is coming to an end. I hope you are emotionally prepared.

A theory that seems all too obvious is that there will be some form of time travel used to go back in time and bring back those who were wiped out. One reason this seems feasible is time travel is all too common in comic books, and no character is genuinely 100% dead except for Uncle Ben. Speaking of Uncle Ben, there are also supposed to be more Spider-Man standalone movies in the future, which leads us to believe that at least Spider-Man will be coming back in some manner. Also, the term “Infinity War” could also be broken down. “Infinity War” literally could mean that there is an infinite war going on between the Avengers and Thanos. The Avengers may be eternally at war with Thanos until they can defeat him, getting stuck in a time-loop where they are continually battling him. Wouldn’t it be crazy if Endgame had several different endings in multiple different universes? That could be quite the twist.

Watch the trailer again.

There are several theories on how the Avengers can travel through time. Dr. Strange may possess the powers to travel through time, or maybe Tony Stark’s technology will be used in some manner. All of the Avengers wearing those Stark suits in the new trailer could be a sign. I feel like Captain Marvel will have a huge impact on the story in some way. Bottom line, she is going to have something crucial to do in the story. There also has to be some emotional stuff go down too. I can see Black Widow sacrificing herself to protect Bruce Banner, because he is definitely a key player in shutting down Thanos. I can see them killing off Hawkeye too, since he has a family and kids and would be too great of an emotional moment to pass up.

Let’s be honest too. Captain America is going to die. He just has to. It makes sense from a story-telling narrative. I can picture Cap dying right in Tony Stark’s arms, knowing that he put everything on the line to save the universe. Or maybe it could be the other way around with Stark sacrificing himself to save Captain America. Some dope stuff is going to go down and audiences won’t be ready for what is thrown at them. The theories can be endless.

A theory that I have seen on the internet that I certainly hope isn’t true is that Ant-Man will crawl up Thanos’s butt and somehow defeat him that way. If that were to happen, I just hope it wouldn’t be after taco Tuesday, or else Ant-Man would be in for a full-fledged nightmare. Ant-Man would deserve the biggest monument in the world if he paid that sacrifice, but I can’t see that happening. Or at least I really don’t want that visual.

Ultimately, we can theorize all we want, but we will most likely be wrong with all of them. Marvel movies always keep you guessing, and the franchise will throw us for more twists and turns in its highly anticipated finale. I do believe that our heroes will ultimately prevail, but I know for a fact that there will be deaths, heartbreaks, and “ah-ha” moments that will have audiences on a roller coaster ride throughout. Bring your tissues.

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