Top 5 Mario Destinations

Where would you want to go?

There are loads of awesome locations in the land of the Mushroom Kingdom. It is a magical world full of amazing sites and possibilities, as well as danger. In the off chance that Bowser or some other crazy villain didn’t want to take over the world, here are the top Mario destinations that I would want top hit.

Peach’s Castle

It would be a cardinal sin to visit the Mushroom Kingdom and not get a glimpse of Peach’s Castle. Peach’s Castle is perhaps the most iconic location throughout Mario history and has been revisited time and time again. I would love to witness the architecture and awe in person. The stain-glass paintings would be a sight to see, as well as the many secret passageways and courtyard. It was fun to explore the castle in Super Mario 64, but witnessing it in person would be even greater.

Isle Delfino

Introduced to us in Super Mario Sunshine, Isle of Delfino seems like the perfect vacation spot in the world or Mario. With all the shrine sprites returned, the Isle of Delfino would be my prime beach spot without a doubt. They have great music, food, and activities to partake in. I would happily throw on some shades and relax in the sand until sunset every day. The local Piantas and Nokis would be hard to adjust to at first, but over time I think they would grow on me.

Yoshi’s Island

Rolling up to an island full of Yoshi’s would be such an incredible experience. I feel like that would be one of the craziest experiences ever. It would be a party every day. All of the crazy visuals and sounds would change your life forever. My hope is that I would somehow obtain a Yoshi egg and get to take it home and raise it as my own. Let’s be honest, how cool would it be to own your very own Yoshi? You could give him a sick name and he would be your trusty steed until the very end. I would be extremely cautious of Shy Guy’s on the island though. You never know what those dudes are thinking.

Luigi’s Mansion (after it was no longer haunted)

Luigi’s Mansion would be a great crib to party in, after clearing out all the boo’s that is. The mansion would have plenty of room for the best of the best of the Mario universe. Professor E. Gadd would maybe be too crazy to deal with on a regular basis, but I’m sure if he had a cocktail or two he’d be a great time. I admire Luigi and think he’s had a tough life stuck in Mario’s shadow. He deserves some attention and I think him hosting a Mario Party (good joke, I know) at his mansion could boost his street credit a bit.

Rainbow Road

Ah, Rainbow Road. The most dangerous, treacherous road known to Mario fans everywhere. Rainbow Road is the ultimate test of skill. I honestly don’t know if my driving skills would handle the challenge, but there’s no way I could pass up the opportunity to drive on this rainbow-colored road of wonder. The experience would be full of adrenaline and nerves, and I most likely wouldn’t make it out in one piece. Ult

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