Top ‘Fortnite’ Toys

When will the Fortnite takeover end?

Fortnite has taken over our world as we know it. It is everywhere surrounding us, you cannot escape it. It is infiltrating pop culture and every household you can imagine. If you are a male between the ages of 5 and 55, chances are you have played Fortnite. Even grandparents know about the Fortnite phenomenon. Kids these days are obsessed with this game, and Epic Games is capitalizing on it. One of the recent power moves is the release of Fortnite Nerf Blasters and Super Soakers, and I’m going to rank my top 5 right here, right now. Keep an eye out for these toys in a neighborhood near you.

Honorable Mention: TS-R Super Soaker Water Blaster Pump Action

This Super Soaker is based on the shotgun in the game. Expect to have short to mid-range with this weapon. It holds a liter of water and has pump-soakage with a steady stream. I would recommend it to someone with older brothers who needs some heavy firepower. This Super Soaker will keep those pool bullies out of your face so you can enjoy those beautiful, sunny days at your convenience.

No. 5: TS Blaster

This TS Blaster version tops its Super Soaker twin from above because it shoots darts instead. This blaster is pump action and looks exactly like the gun from the game. It fires Nerf Mega Darts which can mess that annoying friend up when you need to teach him a lesson. You can also just this toy as a protective weapon if you need to get a midnight snack but are afraid someone may be in your house. You can load 4 Mega Darts at once, so make sure you’re accurate with it.

No. 4: HC-E Super Soaker Water Blaster

This blaster resembles the Desert Eagle used in Fortnite. It holds 7.4 fluid ounces, but I ranked it so high because it sells for $9.99. I think it looks pretty sick, and 10 bucks is a reasonable price for this Super Soaker. You can use this in a variety of ways, from spraying annoying bugs or taking shots out of it if you are of legal age. This handgun is versatile and can be useful to all ages.

No. 3: RL Super Soaker Water Blaster

At number 3 on my list is the rocket launcher Super Soaker. This beast replicates the rocket launcher from the game and delivers “extreme soakage.” It holds up to 9.3 fluid ounces and fires a steady, powerful stream. I would recommend this to parents to discipline their kids at the pool, beach, or pretty much anywhere. Your kids may not listen now, but wait until you blast them with a rocket launcher Super Soaker. They will never misbehave again.

No. 2: SP-L Nerf Elite Dart Blaster

This silenced pistol designed dart blaster is even cooler than I initially thought. The “silencer” barrel is detachable and when removed makes the gun more compact and more suitable for smaller areas if you need to be quick and use your mobility. When attached, the barrel improves distance shots and targeting. Pretty nifty stuff. You should buy this toy if you need to go stealth and are trying to blast your sister’s new boyfriend from a distance.

No. 1: AR-L Elite Dart Blaster

This assault rifle toy is the granddaddy of them all. All of the kids in the neighborhood are going to be running around with these, and you don’t want to miss out. The assault rifle blaster sells for $49.99 and will perhaps bring Fortnite battles to real life. Currently, you can only limit 2 orders per customer on the Hasbro Pulse website. This battery-powered blaster has a 10 dart clip and features motorized blasting. You can even flip up the sights to get better accuracy. This product is going to be hot, and I fear a world where I must purchase one of these myself to protect me from a horde of child Fortniters who have taken the game too far. But if I was a little kid right now, there is no doubt in my mind I would own this blaster.

Would you buy one of these blasters?

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