Who is Gregory in FNAF Security Breach?

Gregory is the main character in Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach. Gregory has no details in the base game on his past, where he came from or how he ended up in the Fazbear Pizzaplex. There isn’t any answers at all in the base game that provides any conclusion as to his identity although there are multiple theories going out there, many of which sound super feasible, but let’s start with what the game tells us.

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Gregory was Captured by Vanessa

The most likely background story for Gregory is that he was captured by Vanessa through any myriad of ways. Gregory doesn’t have any dialog showing an insane amount of obsession with

Alternate Theory: Gregory is a Animatronic

This one I have a really hard time with. Matpat threw it down before the game was released and he made the argument after the game was released. I don’t personally buy it, but I do want to share it for you. The theory is simple, Gregory is an animatronic and most likely the crying child (Michael Afton’s brother) from previous games. His soul has taken over an endoskeleton who still believes himself to be a child.

This theory further goes to say that since this is Michael’s brother, who is most likely Glamrock Freddy, then we then can conclude that Glamrock wanting to help Gregory was the Afton family finally able to makeup for everything.

Why Gregory is Not an Animatronic

Here’s the reasons why he’s not an animatronic. First, we know the static in the vision and other creepy style visual takeovers happen in a myriad of other games especially starting with Slender. That’s a gameplay mechanic and aesthetic choice. Just because Gregory is a Human doesn’t mean some kind of vibe of creepiness or insanity could persist around someone.

Next we have the issue that Vanny has a knife in the ending when Gregory just escapes. Why a knife if it’s honestly an endoskeleton in a box? Vanny should or would know that, considering all of the animatronics have you know the entire

The sprint mechanic. Just the entire sprint mechanic. The fact that you can sprint, drinks act as upgrades and new shoes make you run faster.

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