Who is the Second Vanessa in FNAF Security Breach?

A twin or someone else?

Something that’s a bit of an interesting thought is why does Vanessa appear at the top of the Pizzaplex while it is burning down in FNAF Security Breach’s “Exit via the VIP Fire Escape” ending? I mean, Vanny is unmasked as Vanessa and the CD tapes hidden throughout all but confirm that Vanessa was working with Glitchtrap. So why is the security guard, Vanessa, still at the top of the Pizzaplex?

The lack of eye color and odd expression gives us zero clues.

Occam’s Razor Theory 1: A Twin

This explains why some of Vanessa’s lines come off as sincere and why they don’t just end Gregory whenever they first capture him in the elevator after the map bot jumpscare. What it doesn’t explain is how either one of them wouldn’t somehow mention the other at any given time.

So it’s simple and to the point, the security guard is working at the Pizzaplex to likely locate their missing twin, who is Vanny in a bunny suit. Except for a few issues…

The entire Pizzaplex is a nightmare after dark. The security guard worried about the animatronics going wild wouldn’t just sit Gregory in lost and found, then go off and leave them alone only to allow the creepy person in a bunny outfit to come pay a visit.

Then, Vanny’s hideout is basically just how does that work? How would the security guard, separate from Vanny, not know about this? The missing kids poster on Gregory in the bad ending clearly shows the Pizzaplex is up to absolutely no good, how could one person be innocent in any of this?

So it’s simple and explains away a lot, but I like to play around with a different theory later on, but the more accurate true theory would be:

Occam’s Razor Theory 2: Soul Remnant / Ghost

It’s more likely that the Vanessa on top of the Pizzaplex is just a soul remnant now forever stuck in that location, as typical in FNAF lore. So while the Pizzaplex burns down, Vanessa was never freed from Glitchtrap nor the location. Thus it’s just a ghost.

Spicy Theory: An Animatronic (Molten Freddy / The Blob / Ennard / Circus Baby) Did It

The amalgam underground proves that Molten Freddy exists, therefore the ability for an animatronic to overtake a human exists, so it’s quite simple for Vanny, who is now out of the picture, to be pulled back up for round two with a fresh endo shoved in.

There are two games that have the strongest ties to Security Breach. One is of course Help Wanted, which Steel Wool developed. The other is FNAF Sister Location which is… an interesting game. Basically, Circus Baby and Ennard (Molten Freddy, Freddy Amalgam, etc.) have the ability to inhabit the body of a Human and wear its skin.

It’s clear Vanessa is Vanny through the therapist tapes and its clear they are working with Glitchtrap. The Amalgam is stored in the old pizzaria, as made absolutely clear in the canon / William Afton ending.

Sister Location Story Recap

Sister Location’s story is really important to this theory because it basically I feel like confirms everything we need to know to know that Ennard is the other Vanessa. Let’s do a quick recap. Micheal Afton goes to Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rental as a new employee. There are five total nights:

  1. The first night nothing of note happens.
  2. This night is when Circus Baby starts talking, tells Michael to hide under the desk and then helps him defend himself, before having to avoid Ballora and restore the power without Funtime Freddy being pupset.
  3. On the third night Michael is sent to fix Funtime Freddy and on his way back is captured by Funtime Foxy.
  4. Kidnapped by Circus Baby, Michael has to shake off Minireenas in the scooping roof in a springlock suit while charging the locks so they don’t release.
  5. Returning, for some reason, Michael is tasked with fixing Circus Baby. Circus Baby has Michael take a chip that lets her guide him through the dark, while lying that Ballora is behind him but it’s actually Ennard. At this point, in the real ending, Circus Baby leads Michael to the scooping room where he’s scooped and Ennard takes over.

In the post credits scene, Michael vomits Ennard’s parts out into the sewer then rises back up.

Who is Molten Freddy / Freddy Amalgam / Ennard / The Blob

Ennard was Circus Baby, but was spit out during the end of Sister Location in the super final ultra cutscene which hasn’t ever had a full explanation behind it. Ennard continued on as this amalgamation of Funtime animatronics and had its story go a few different directions. It returns of course in Pizza Simulator which it should have been destroyed in, as Molten Freddy. Molten Freddy was destroyed at the end of FNAF Pizza Simulator, but apparantly not and merged with a few others including the Puppet and a few endoskeletons in Security Breach. It’s the thing that destroys Afton in the Canon Cutscene.

In the Fazbear Frights books, which I’m not spoiling, it is the main enemy throughout the books in an overarching story. The books don’t intertwine, but it’s very likely the Fazbear Frights obsession with Ennard has a relation to Security Breach.

Who is Circus Baby?

Circus Baby is Elizabeth Afton. Elizabeth like Circus Baby a lot, but Circus Baby was designed to trap people inside of it. Circus Baby trapped Elizabeth and got ran through the scooping machine and thus, the spirit of Elizabeth Afton haunts Circus Baby. This later becomes Ennard, as the animatronics are moved to the “Sister Location” and scoop themselves and merge their endoskeletons into one.

Circus Baby actually splits from Ennard in that post credits scene (I assume staying within Michael until they become Scrap Baby). So Ennard then becomes sort of Molten Freddy / The Freddy Amalgam we later see in security breach and Circus Baby becomes Scrap Baby, all of which were supposed to be destroyed in FNAF Pizza Simulator.

How would Elizabeth Afton / Circus Baby Be Alive?

So in the end of FNAF Pizza Simulator everything wraps up quite nicely. All of the animatronics burn down together, including William Afton and that’s that. In Ultimate Custom Night it’s made clear that Eleanor / Elizabeth / Whoever is permanetly tormenting Willaim Afton forever for all the crimes he did… nicely ending Scott Cawthon’s FNAF series.

Steel Wool picks the series back up and we get FNAF Help Wanted which brings back all of the animatronics, plus introduces an all new pizzeria which the game is based on WHICH a Pizzaplex then gets built on top of. Then we get the return of Molten Freddy, so at this point anything taking over anyone and rolling around as them seems reasonable.

Steel Wool starts their FNAF-verse by scanning in the circuit boards of the old animatronics to reverse engineer a reboot of the franchise and correct Fazbear Entertainment’s image. They scan a board in with William Afton’s souls till clinging to it and voila, you have the whole franchise rebooted and that messy fire behind ya.

Glitchtrap is now back, Molten Freddy is back and even bigger and heck Scraptrap is back as Burntrap because why not.

Vanessa as Ennard / Circus Baby

So, since everyone is back now why not just have Circus Baby back and take over the fresh new exoskeleton cover laying on the ground there, hop back up to the rooftop and roleplay you’re all shocked oh no the Pizzaplex is burning down I am actually Vanessa guys lol I swear promise I’m not an endoskeleton in a Human (because such things aren’t easily noticed in the FNAF world).

Likewise, Ennard or Molten Freddy could do just the same thing.

Ultimately, we won’t know who or what the second Vanessa is until more details come out, but until then rethinking old theories is fun!

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