10 Top Tips to Staying Alive in Hunt: Showdown – A Beginner’s Survival Guide

It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.

Hunt: Showdown is a savagely fun survival PvE and PVP hybrid. This unique battle-royal reminiscent experience demands skill and cunning. Luckily, when it comes to strategy, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top ten tips to survival in Hunt: Showdown for beginners.

  • Sound is your greatest ally and your greatest enemy. Traps can lure your prey and your enemies into your firing range. That being said, you can also alarm other players to your position by disturbing pools of water, walking over planks of wood and firing your weapon. Most importantly, never disturb the flocks of crows. Always be aware of the noise you are producing and be even more keen to the noises being made around you. For a decisive edge over your players, consider investing into a surround sound headset.
  • Keep up with who you have killed. Your standard game will feature 10 players. That being said, the game will not give you a counter of the total players left while the game is in session. Keep track of your kills and of all other players you see fall throughout the game. This way, you will always know precisely what you are up against.
  • Camp extraction exits closest to banished monsters. If you were not lucky enough to finish your quarry, don’t fret. Simply wait in hiding near the extraction point closest to your enemy’s monster banishment. More than likely, they will quickly flee to the nearest extraction point once they have completed the banishment process. You, however, will be waiting for them.
  • Conserve your ammunition. You have an extremely limited collection of ammo. Luckily, you can finish off most basic enemies in only a couple swings from the machete.
  • Understand the damage system. Your weapons vary in effectiveness based on distance. Check out the graph below as provided by for a full understanding.
  • Always head to a nearby wagon after killing the boss and after collecting your bounty. As noted above, most players will likely rush to the nearest extraction point after collecting their bounty. Rather, head to a closeby wagon to resupply for the other bounty hunters you will likely have to face first. In the same sense, resupply directly after killing the boss so you can properly defend your quarry.
  • Here’s how you kill the Butcher. If the butcher is your quarry of choice, then you are going to want to remain highly mobile. Grab a shotgun and some explosives. Circle around the boss, peppering him with shotgun shells every opportunity you can. The important thing to remember here is to place your mobility above your damage. You will have to be patient when facing this hard-hitting, tanking boss.
  • Here’s how you kill the spider. If the spider is your quarry of choice, then you are going to want to keep your distance. Use a mid to long range weapon and try to fire in short bursts before once again creating distance.
  • If you need XP, farm monsters. Sometimes you don’t need to win the match in order to profit from it. In order to level as fast as possible, take out every basic monster enemy that crosses your path. These monsters are not worth dramatic amounts of experience a piece, but the total XP will quickly stack up. That being said, stay away from the overly tanky meatheads and the brutally dangerous hellhounds.
  • Always know where your nearest explosive barrel is. The red, explosive barrels deal devastating amounts of damage when ignited. If you find yourself getting swarmed by monsters or chased by player characters, try to lead them to the nearest explosive barrel for a deadly ambush.

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