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5 Beginner Tips to Playing Dungeons and Dragons Online Guide

Here are five tips for your favorite MMO.

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Dungeons and Dragons Online has been turning tabletop players into keyboard wielding gamers for 13 years now. Despite having been around for well over a decade, this massive multiplayer online game has seemingly only grown since its publication. With that in mind, we have developed a quick series of tips and tricks for new DDO players.

1. Your Healing Spells Likely Do More Than You Think

When playing DDO, you are going to want to fully utilize your spell casting. Consequently, you are going to want to understand all of the things your spells can do.

It just so happens that some spells within the game have effects that are not immediately obvious. For instance, the Heal spell also cures Mindflayr’s “Blasted” effect. All Mnemonic Potion cure Feeblemind. The Bless spell neutralizes the bane spell and the Good Hope spell cures the Crushing Despair spell.

2. Grab Some Stone to Skin Wands as Soon as You Can

You will eventually find yourself suffering from the Flesh to Stone curse. If you want to remove the curse, you are going to need the Stone to Flesh spell. Grab a few enchanted wands with the spell to save yourself some trouble later on.

3. You Can Get Your Destroyed Items Back

There will be times when you have to destroy something from within your inventory. After a while, you may eventually destroy an item you would have preferred to keep. Don’t fret. You can get it back.

All you need to do is a visit a local vendor and access there buyback selection.

4. Be Upfront That You Are New to the Game

You are going to have to group with other adventurers if you want to see success in DD Online. The issue is that these other adventurers will likely assume you know what you are doing, unless you tell them otherwise.

Consider telling your groups that you are new to the game. Many players will be more lenient and patient with you. On top of that, they may just teach you some new tricks.

5. Keep Your Arsenal Varied

When it comes to MMOs, many players end up hyper-focusing their characters to particular builds. They often end up only upgrading the set of weapons and armor, rather than every changing up their build.

In Dungeons and Dragons Online, you will want to keep a set of gear for a variety of situations. Sometimes you may need silver weapons to help you with undead, or even just the slight advantage a blunt weapon may have over a slashing one. Whatever it may be, you are going to want to keep your arsenal varied if you want to survive in this game.

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