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5 Tips to Staying Alive in The Surge 2

Check it out below.

The Surge 2 can be vicious. If you are not ready to take on its many challenges, then you can find yourself staring at a defeated screen rather quickly. That being said, there are steps you can take to up your chances of survival.

Staying alive in The Surge 2 takes finesse and strategy. Still, it isn’t impossible. Knowing how to manage your currency, delegate your upgrade resources and draw away enemy fire are just some of the tips you need to learn in order to survive.

Check out all five of our survival tips down below for the details.

1. Bank Your Scrap ASAP

When you die, you are given a 20-minute timer. If you cannot retrieve your belongings at the location of your death within that time, all of your money will be erased. Luckily, there is a way to proactively avoid this troublesome issue.

Within The Surge 2, you can store your currency at any medbay. Beyond, junk piles that you find during your travels can be directly transferred as techscrap into your bank.

This small step will make a huge difference during the later hours of your playthrough, as you will have sacrificed far less currency to untimely deaths.

2. Utilize the Omni-Health Observer

The Surge 2 is all about implants. Luckily, the game grants you one of the title’s best implants quite early on. Make sure you use it.

The Omni-Health Observer is an implant that allows you to view the status and health of every enemy you lock onto. This implant will likely not prove useful during the entirety of your playthrough.

However, the Omni-Health Observer is a wonderful implant for new players that are still learning about the game’s many enemies.

3. District Your Foes With Drone Attacks

Sometimes the threats of the world can seem like too much. Sometimes the chaos of ensuing enemies is simply overwhelming. When that time comes, make sure you are using your drone.

One of the best ways to make combat easier in The Surge 2 is to learn how to draw enemy fire away from you when things get to harry. To that end, you are provided a drone.

Your drone will often use your ammunition, so keep that in mind. However, the cost in ammunition is almost always worth it.

The drone will buzz by, attack your enemies and warp their attention away from you. This way, you can take a moment to collect yourself and reposition for a counterattack.

4. Be Wary Before You Open Doors

When it comes to loading in areas, The Surge 2 can be a bit tricky. As a result, you are always going to want to be warry when opening doors.

As you explore the many maps of The Surge 2, you will undoubtedly come across doors that provide you with passage to interesting areas.

Many of these doors will simply open up shortcuts for whenever you need to backtrack during your travels. That being said, some of these doors will take you to new maps.

Whenever The Surge 2 loads in a map, it also loads in all of the map’s enemies. Consequently, you will have to fight every enemy you previously defeated all over again if you accidentally travel to a new map and then have to travel back again.

Always be wary of opening doors. Otherwise, you may end up facing a hoard of enemies you never wished to see again.

5. Upgrade Your Weapons Immediately

During your playthrough of The Surge 2, you are going to granted opportunities to upgrade your armor and your weapons. You need to prioritize your weapons.

Upgrading your armor is slightly beneficial. That being said, you are going to get the greatest return whenever you upgrade your weapons. You will always be in a proverbial arms race to keep up with the incredible damage outputs of your enemies.

Always keep your weapons at their highest potentials if you plan to stay alive in The Surge 2.

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