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Code Vein Guide: Ornate Key Location and Where to Use It | Gaming Tier List

Code Vein Guide: Ornate Key Location and Where to Use It

Here's what you need to do.

The Ornate Key is rather tough to find, even for more experienced players. It’s tucked away within a cathedral that is quickly becoming infamous among Code Vein players. That being said, finding this important trinket is not impossible.

The journey to the Ornate Key requires a series of twists and turns, as well as the descent of more than a few confusing chambers. Once you finish the maze-like map and find the key, you will still have to find the door it opens.

Check out how to find the Ornate Key and its locked door down below.

Where is the Ornate Key?

In order to find the Ornate Key, you will need to venture to the Inner Tower within the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood. From the Mistle, begin traveling northeast.

You will stumble upon a room with a ladder leading upwards; climb the ladder. Once you make it up the ladder, make a left and enter the doorway with the yellow lanterns.

Then, you will need to drop down two lower chambers. To your back, there will be a door. Make a right past the door and cross the nearby bridge. Turn left after entering the nearby building. From there, you will find a group of fallen soldiers.

Make your way down the nearby ladder. Within the chamber, you will find a grey chest featuring the Ornate key.

For footage of a player discovering the Ornate Key, check out the video provided above.

Where Do You Use the Ornate Key?

You are going to want to make your way to the Inner Tower Mistle. From there, climb up the nearby ladder. Next, you will find a ladder leading down to a separate chamber nearby.

Make your way down into the chamber. You will then have to face an enemy once you reach the nearby door. Then, you will have to descend another ladder into another chamber. You will then follow through the chamber until you reach a door to your right.

After entering through the door, you will need to take a left. From there, you will find a doorway near a collection of green lanterns. Descend the nearby ladder until you reach the second-lowest part of the chamber. Then, make your way across the bridge near the backside of the chamber.

After crossing the bridge, take the door to your right. To the right, you will then see a collection of dead soldiers. Make your way past the soldiers to find the door that requires the ornate key.

Check out the video above for footage of the ornate key door’s location.

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