Dicey Dungeons Unlocks, Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide

How to help bring fate to your side.

Dicey Dungeons is a board game style dungeon crawler, where you play one of several dice that are vying for their freedom in the dicey dungeons. It’s similar to Slay the Spire, but is a bit more casual and forgiving. The first time you load up and play, you’ll play as the Warrior and go through a very nicely built tutorial that explains most of the concepts. I highly encourage you to not skip the tutorial, if a skip function is ever added.


Warrior: You start with the warrior.

Thief, Robot, Inventor and Witch: They will unlock as you play.

Jester: Beat Jester as a final boss in the bonus round, when you beat the Jester, resolves him into a dice to play. To unlock the last door you’ll need to beat all the bonus rounds, including the one for Jester.

To unlock more stories with each character, you’ll need to play through until you’ve unlocked the witch.


  • Fight every monster on every screen to hit max level. You can technically skip some, but you’re going to want to hit max level for most characters. Sometimes it’s not worth it though, especially if you’re confident your build will beat the boss in the amount of HP you have + damage.
  • Sometimes it’s worth it not to buy something and save your gold for later. If a piece of equipment isn’t going to immediately work in your build, you can technically buy it later, but best just not to.
  • Limit breaks are super powerful and should be relied on as part of your strategy.
  • Fire is just not very good. Freeze is pretty good, since it forces one rolls, but fire isn’t the best since it’s generally 2 damage unless they’re weak to it. Poison can be successful as long as you can get a considerable amount on an enemy.

Strategy & Builds

Here are some fast tips to help make runs successful:

  • Thief: Upgrade your dagger as soon as you can.
  • Robot: You need the buster sword.
  • Witch: A cauldron and a 2 dice damage spell are always solid.
  • Inventor: Flamethrower is pretty awesome.

Silence can be brutal to builds that require a lot of dice. The loud bird can be frustrating fast. If you see it on the map, save your limit break for the loud bird or banshee to help.

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