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Don’t Starve Together Achievement Guide | Gaming Tier List

Don’t Starve Together Achievement Guide

Let's grab some achievements.

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When it released back in 2013, Klei Entertainment’s hit survival game Don’t Starve took the gaming community by storm. That being said, things did not stop there. The creative team behind the popular title has since released a multiplayer edition of the game titled Don’t Starve Together.

For all of you achievement hunters out there currently enjoying the game, we have concocted a quick guide to help you along your journey.

Guide to Success

There are a total 36 achievements in Don’t Starve Together. You will have to survive 70 consecutive days for one of the game’s tougher achievements. That being said, this achievement list is ultimately not too tasking. With a little determination and a lot of time, you should be able to earn each achievement with minimum hassle.

Not Dead YetSurvived 20 consecutive days.
Stayin’ AliveSurvived 35 consecutive days.
I Will SurviveSurvived 55 consecutive days.
I’m a SurvivorSurvived 70 consecutive days.
Bachelor of ScienceBuilt a Science Machine.
Master of ScienceBuilt an Alchemy Engine.
Doctor of ScienceBuilt a Shadow Manipulator.
Honorary Doctor of ScienceBuilt a Prestihatinator.
Worming My Way InWillingly jumped down a gross hole.
Make it RainStruck a deal with a large porky monarch.
What a Lovely DayGrew a pretty flower. Aw.
Busy BeeHarvested some sweet, sweet honey from an overflowing beebox.
Quick and ThimbleDemonstrated your formidable sewing skills.
Pig PenHad six simultaneous pigman followers. What a party!
Tough CrowdHad four simultaneous rock lobster followers. Snappy!
Not Your MommaWitnessed the miracle of Tallbird motherhood.
Tree WhispererSoothed an enraged tree.
Open SesameFound a hole in the ground. Wow!
Quakin’ in My Boots You felt the earth move under your feet and the sky tumblin’ down.
Tentacle ExpressTravelled in the exact opposite of style.
TurtlingWore Snurtle Shell Armor and a Shelmet at the same time.
We All Die Alone… Together!Visited a public world.
If You Build It They Will Come Hosted a public world for 40 consecutive days.
A Giving HeartBrought a friend back from the dead.
These Kids are our FutureGive resources to a new player after establishing yourself for 20 days.
Express YourselfShowed everyone your true feelings with an emote.
Sunday BestDonned a fashionable character skin.
Shifty, but ThriftyCrafted a new clothing item with the help of a mysterious Innkeeper.
Death PerceptionDefeated a Deerclops.
Insecticide RegicideDefeated a Spider Queen.
Ancient HistoryDefeated an Ancient Guardian.
Gone SouthDefeated a Moose. Or a Goose. Or both?
BEARserker!Defeated a Bearger.
No Fly ZoneDefeated a Dragonfly.
Beast of the Bottomless StomachDomesticated a wild beefalo.
Defier of Odds You filled your achievement case to brimming.

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