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Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Achievement Guide

Let's go achievement hunting.

Capcom’s RPG classic Dragon’s Dogma is a critical hit. Players have been flocking to this wonderful title for years. Despite having hit shelves so many years ago, the game still attracts new players every single day. To that end, we have developed a quick guide to earning all of the achievements in Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen.

Guide to Success

Earning every achievement in Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is going to take time and patience. This will not be an easy task.

You will have to make it all the way to level 200, will have to beat the game on hard mode and will have to earn 10,000,000 gold. These are just some of the tasks you will have to achieve. That being said, patience and perseverance will ultimately lead you to victory.

None of the achievements listed below are terribly difficult on their own. So, it is really just a matter of time investment when it comes to earning 100% completion of the game. To that end, you can see each and every achievement Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen has to offer down below.

It BeginsCompleted the prologue.
OnwardDeparted from Cassardis.
A New AllySummoned your own pawn.
Getting a HeadEarned the approval of the Enlistment Corps.
The CourierEntered Gran Soren.
Writ LargeReceived a writ from the castle.
Come CourtingAttended an audience with the duke.
The MessageReceived the duke’s commendation.
Rough LandingCompleted the urgent mission.
DestinyAccepted the Godsbane blade.
TreacherousPeered into the very depths of the world.
FreedomEscaped the yoke of eternity.
Mercy Dealt the blow of deliverance.
SolitudeObtained the almighty power of sovereignty.
ServitudeSoar unto a new world.
PeaceTook refuge in an illusion.
ClosurePut an end to all things.
The LaborerCompleted 50 notice board quests.
The HeroCompleted all pre-planned, non-notice board quests.
Human ResourcesChanged your vocation.
The SpecialistLearned all the skills of a single vocation.
The VeteranDefeated 3,000 enemies.
HeadshunterDefeated a hydra or archydra.
Eye ContactDefeated an evil eye.
Serpents’ BaneDefeated a drake, wyrm, and wyvern.
The MessiahDefeated the Ur-Dragon.
Local RecruitDirectly enlisted a pawn to your party.
Foreign RecruitEnlisted a pawn to your party from beyond the rift.
The CaptainEnlisted a large number of pawns.
Inhuman ResourcesChanged your main pawn’s vocation.
The SaviorUsed a Wakestone to restore the dead to life.
The KnaveObtained a forgery.
The ArtisanCombined two materials to make an item.
Dragon ForgedStrengthened equipment in wyrmfire.
Well EquippedObtained 350 pieces total of weapons and armor.
A Queen’s RegaliaDressed a male party member in women’s clothing.
The PhilanthropistGave 50 presents.
The EscortActed as a reliable travel companion.
Affinity and BeyondRaised a person’s affinity to the maximum.
Into Dripstone CaveEntered the azure caverns.
Into the Ancient QuarryEntered the ancient quarry.
Into Soulflayer CanyonEntered the Soulflayer Canyon.
Into the ManseEntered the duke’s manse.
Into the Frontier CavernsEntered the southwestern caves.
The TouristVisited 50 locations.
The VagabondVisited 100 locations.
The ExplorerVisited 150 locations.
The Ever-Turning WheelCompleted the adventure a second time.
The Coin CollectorEarned a total of 10,000,000G.
The PatronHelped Madeleine open her shop.
Cheat DeathDefeated Death in Bitterblack Isle.
ConquerorDefeated Daimon for the first time.
True ConquerorDefeated Daimon in his true form.
Hardened VeteranCompleted game in Hard Mode.
100Reached LV 100.
200Reached LV 200.
Eye GougerDefeated the Gazer in Bitterblack Isle.
The InquisitorDefeated the Dark Bishop in Bitterblack Isle.
The SprinterCompleted game in Speedrun mode.

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