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Five Top Tips to Dominating in World of Tanks

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The ground breaking MMO World of Tanks has nearly been around for a full decade. A free-to-play battle for dominance, World of Tanks places the player inside some of the most iconic tanks from history so that they can battle it out with other players. With that in mind, claiming a victory in World of Tanks is no easy task. Here’s a quick list of important tips to help improve your play.

1. You Can Block Shots with Your Gun

Your tank’s projectiles actually fire off from within the tank’s turret. The actual turret barrel, consequently, acts somewhat strange in World of Tanks.

The turret barrel counts as spaced armor, allowing you to block shots from enemy tanks. By placing your barrel within the line of fire, you can intercept rounds from your enemies. Your gun may be damaged in the process, but will not cause any HP damage.

2. Avoid “Lemming Rushes”

Whenever your team decides to group up into a single force and attack the enemy from a single flank, this is often referred to as a “lemming rush.” The tactic can be effective. However, performing this maneuver will lead to disaster more often than not.

Rather, you and your team should focus spread your efforts across the map’s many objectives. For instance, performing a “lemming rush” will leave your own base vulnerable to a counter-attack. Always have a backup plan for when you need to defend your own base.

3. You Can Block Attacks With Your Wheels

Some players enjoy targeting their enemies’ tracks in order to immobilize them. Yes, you can destroy an enemy tank’s tracks. This will immobilize the war machine, leaving it mostly harmless in the ensuing battle.

That being said, landing a shot on an enemy tank’s tracks often does no HP damage. Consequently, you can angle your tank by a slight degree when facing your opponent to make your tracks a larger target. This will reduce the chance of you taking HP damage by a small percentage when engaging with an enemy tank.

4. Hull Down is Often a Great Way to Avoid Damage

Part of utilizing your tank is about fully utilizing your surroundings. Use the nearby terrain to your advantage.

For instance, you can often cover a majority of your tank from the field of view by pulling up to a hill or nearby wall. This will minimize your hitbox, giving you an advantage over the opposition.

5. Don’t be Afraid to Experiment

As you continue to play World of Tanks, you will begin to identify common tactics. Certain tank types will be at certain locations during certain parts of the game, making things somewhat predictable in public games. That being said, consider experimenting outside of your expected roles from time to time. Sometimes being somewhere your enemies couldn’t predict is all the edge you need.

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