Get Better at League of Legends’ Teamfight Tactics With These Five Tips

Teamfight Tactics is only a day away. Here's how you can get ready.

Riot Games’ has now come forward with a new addition to the League of Legends franchise. A new autobattler mode titled Teamfight Tactics was just recently made available. This eight player free-for-all game mode is taking the League of Legends community by storm. And, it’s for good reason. Here are the top five tips you should know before jumping into this exciting new game mode.

1. Here Are the Best Classes

In Teamfight Tactics, you will get to choose a class to give your champions a much needed boost in battle. There are many to choose from, so you are going to want to make the most out of your decision.

You can see each of the top five classes in order of best to worst down below.

ElementalistThis class provides you with a massive rock elemental which will tank for your team.
ShapeshifterThis class will double any unit’s health after it shapeshifts. Consequently, units like Gnar and Shyvanna can benefit greatly from this.
SorcererThis class gives your entire team a nice AP boost.
KnightThis class will grant your tanks a hefty armor boost.
AssassinThis class will increase your assassins’ critical hit damage by a drastic margin.

2. Remember to Watch Your Class and Origin

If you use the same origin and class on your champions, then you will receive a mighty buff for your team. Consequently, it is best to keep up with which champions are from which categories. You can check out a cheat sheet to understanding the system down below.

Image credit to William “Scarra” Li

3. Here Are the Item Combinations

There are eight base items in Teamfight Tactics. However, these items can be combined with each other to create different items. They can even combine with themselves. You can check out every item recipe down below, as provided by

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4. Pay Attention to Board Placement

You may feel inclined to begin placing down your champions on the board as fast as possible. However, there is a strategy to consider. Each of your units offer different advantages and disadvantages. Place your tanks somewhere where they can take pressure off of your DPS units. Your DPS units need to be close enough to the action to effectively deal damage, but far enough away to avoid damage themselves.

It will take time to learn where precisely each unit should go. However, things should begin to fall into place after a little practice.

5. Here Are the Best Champions

If you want to make the most out of Teamfight Tactics, then you are going to have to choose your legends wisely. Here are some of the top champions right now.

Aurelion SolIf you need DPS, you can’t go wrong with this choice.
NidaleeNidalee will prove useful in the early game, as well as to any player taking advantage of the wildshaping class.
GnarFor those using the wildshaping class, Gnar is a powerful choice. After wildshaping, Gnar can bully the enemy team around in hilarious fashion.
VolibearIf you enemy team tends to clump together, consider taking advantage of Volibear’s bouncing attacks.
DariusIf you want a team carry, it’s hard to do better than Darius.

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