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Guide: Apex Legends ‘Game Breaking’ Glitch Discovered, Here’s How It Works | Gaming Tier List

Guide: Apex Legends ‘Game Breaking’ Glitch Discovered, Here’s How It Works

Apex Legends has a serious glitch with some serious consequences. Luckily, we can help you use it.

Respawn Entertainment’s highly popular battle royale game Apex Legends is seemingly taking over the world one player at a time. While the free-to-play battle royale title is continuing to make great strides on that particular front, a seemingly game breaking glitch was recently discovered within the game. Now players are beginning to take advantage.

Apex Legends hit the proverbial shelves back on Feb. 4, 2019. While the game has only been out for about a month, it has already taken over the most popular Twitch streams and has earned a gigantic player base. Featuring a band of playable characters, each with unique class abilities, the game offers an extremely fun and new spin on the battle royale genre for those already fatigued from the Fortnite craze.

Well, NRG Esports’ Apex Legends pro player “Dizzy” recently discovered a new glitch within the game and decided to share the instance online. News of the glitch has since been spreading across the internet like a wildfire. Check it out below.

Normally, there are a few ways a player can be killed via the game’s map. The player may plummet to their death by falling off of the map in certain areas, for instance. However, there are also certain areas where the player can momentarily leave the battle zone. Realizing that you are attempting to sneak away, the game quickly slaps you with a warning timer. You are then forced to hoof it back to the battle zone or face fatal consequences, until now.

What “Dizzy” and many other players have since discovered is that there is a way to stay out of bounds longer than the warning timer is supposed to dictate. Consequently, players are taking advantage of the glitch by staying as far away from the action as possible so that they can pepper their prey with deadly shots from afar.

Activating the glitch is actually pretty easy. First you obviously have to find an advantageous spot within an out-of-bounds area of the map. After that, simply claim your perch and begin bunny hopping like your life depends on it. While this may seem tedious, you can bind the jump action to your mouse’s scroll wheel if playing on PC. “Dizzy” uses this strategy to simplify the process.

The glitch will likely be fixed sometime in the near future, seeing how the bug has seemingly game breaking consequences. That being said, the glitch has quickly seeped its way into the current Apex Legends meta. Luckily, you’re now in the know and ready to get back to slaying your way to victory.

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