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Guide: How to get the Ultima Weapon in Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3, released Jan. 29, has been snaring the attention of JRPG fans worldwide. For those playing the massive title, it’s time to step up your game.

Released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Kingdom Hearts 3 features the return of longtime protagonist Sora. In a battle of good vs. evil, Sora is once again tasked with gathering the power of the keyblade, as well as the strength of the game’s incredible supporting cast. Having sold over 5 million copies within the first week of release, the game has already accrued a mass of players. So if you want to get in front of the pack, it’s time to up your game. One sure fire way to set yourself apart is to do what few accomplished. Find the ultima weapon.

The ultima weapon, just as it sounds, is the ultimate keyblade weapon within Kingdom Hearts 3. Featuring 13 Strength, 13 Magic, a Combo Boost, Air Combo Boost, a Situation Boost and the ability to use the Ultimate Form formchange, the weapon pacts quite the punch. However, achieving the ultima weapon is no simple task. Don’t worry. Check out the guide down below for the quickest way to getting your ultimate gear.

There are a few things that you will have to do to finally lock down that sweet, sweet ultima weapon. You will need to unlock the Moogle Workshop, discover the Ultima Weapon recipe, gather the necessary resources to craft the weapon and finally forge the keyblade.

The first step is the easiest. The Moogle workshop is passively unlocked after a short while within the main story. Perhaps the simplest of steps, simply play the game.

Now, you will need access to all seven Disney worlds in order to complete all necessary tasks involving the ultima weapon. Consequently, it would be best to begin your search after having completed a majority of the game.

The first real task is gaining the ultima weapon recipe. Within the Collector’s Goals tab, found within the Moogle Workshop, you are capable of earning additional recipes by accumulating enough stores of certain resources. In order to learn the ultima weapon recipe, you will have to complete the “Obtain 58 different synthesis materials” task.

Now, you have likely already garnered most of the necessary materials for this throughout your playthrough. In order to cultivate some of the tougher to come by parts and pieces, check out the worlds like San Fransokyo. Clearing out some of the world’s tougher enemies should profit rarer resources.

After gaining the necessary material, return to the Moogle Workshop. The recipe will now be available to you, revealing that you now need 7 Orichalcum +, 2 Wellspring Crystals, 2 Lucid Crystals and 2 Pulsing Crystals. Oh yes, your work has only just begun.

Gathering the crystals is perhaps the easiest portion of the recipe. If you have left over Wellspring Crystals, they may be synthesized into other forms of crystals at the Moogle Workshop. The 7 Orichalcum +, however, is going to be a bit tougher to come by.

Now, the recipe calls for 7 Orichalcum +, it actually means that is requires all the Orichalcum. There are, after all, only seven of the resource available within the game.

#1 Orichalcum +

The first Orichalcum + does not require a complicated task, but is rather time consuming. You will have to take a photo of all 80 Lucky Emblem locations.

#2 Orichalcum +

This time things are much simpler. Go to The Caribbean world. Head to
Exile Island. At its center, you will find a chest with the second Orichalcum +.

#3 Orichalcum +

The next one is within The Final World. Visit the Keyblade Graveyard – Badlands. After reaching that save point, turn around and return to the spot in which you first arrived at the Keyblade Graveyard. A red warp gate should be visible. The gate will take you back to The Final World. The Orichalcum + filled chest will great you upon entry to the world.

#4 Orichalcum +

One of the more potentially frustrating pieces of Orichalcum + to acquire, this one is going to demand some patience. The resource will be granted as a reward for sending a Moogle Postcard in Twilight Town. However, the reward is not guaranteed on your first try.

First, visit the Tram Common within Twilight Town. Purchase one potion from the Moogle Shop. If given a postcard, drop it off at the box just outside of the Moogle Shop.

#5 Orichalcum +

The Frozen Slider mini-game featured in Arendelle will be your next stop. First, speak to Elsa outside of the ice palace to unlock the mini-game. You will then need to collect ten treasures from the mini-game in order to unlock the next piece of Orichalcum +.

#6 Orichalcum +

Now nearing the end, the next piece of Orichalcum + is going to require some finesse. First, make sure to purchase a top-class gummi ship from Huey, Dewey and Louie in Twilight Town. Then, head over to The Eclipse galaxy.

On each of the four sides of the mega-structure that resides within the galaxy, there is a gummi battle simply waiting to be ensued. After finishing each of these battles, the deadly Omega Machine will arrive at the top of the structure.

After taking out this tough enemy, the next piece of Orichalcum + will finally present itself.

#7 Orichalcum +

Now, this final piece of Orichalcum + is no walk in the park. You must earn a high score in each of the seven different Flantastic Seven challenges. A Flantactic Seven challenge appears within each of the seven worlds, only appearing after the main story for each of the relevant worlds has been completed.

Upon completing a challenge, you will be given a reward. However, you must earn a high score in order to continue your progress towards the ultima weapon. You will know that you have earned a high score when the massive flan creature begins celebrating your performance, before granting you three cooking ingredients.

After earning a high score in all seven challenges across all seven worlds, you will receive the final piece of Orichalcum +.

Now simply return to the Moogle Shop of your choice and synthesize the ultima weapon. Congratulations, you are now the toughest Kingdom Hearts 3 player in all seven worlds.

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