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Guide: Where to Find All the Shinobi Prosthetic Tool Locations in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice | Gaming Tier List

Guide: Where to Find All the Shinobi Prosthetic Tool Locations in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Find all of the Shinobi prosthetic tools for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the latest challenging game issued by From Software, the creative team behind Bloodborne and the Dark Souls series. Sekiro is proving to be just as tasking as From Software’s other titles, leaving many players stumped.

One way to make things easier in this new title is to find all of the shinobi prosthetic tools. Each gadget offers a new and interesting mechanic for the player to add to their combat tactics.

The key to finding the tools is to pay attention every time you see a Sculptor’s Shrine. That being said, things are somewhat more complicated than that. If you want to track down each and every tool in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, check out our guide down below. was a source for this guide.

Finger Whistle Tool

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In order to gain this tool, you will have to trek to the Sunken Valley. From there, head to the Bodhisattva Valley Sculptor’s Idol. Near the idol is a boss fight you will have to complete in order to progress within the game.

Defeat the Guardian Ape to gain the finger whistle tool. This tool can be used to stun animals or to draw other opponents within distance for assassination.

Shuriken Tool

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The shuriken tool can be gained rather early in the game. First, make your way to the Ashina Outskirts. You should eventually run into a pack of wolves, so make sure to take them out. Next, you will eventually find a gate to your front and a Sculptor’s Idol to your right.

After activating the idol, you will discover a gate path location. Moving forward, you should see a small building. Within the building will be a bird costume adorned shinobi. Loot the body to obtain the shuriken tool.


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For this tool, you will need to venture to the Ashina Castle. Within the upper tower, you will find a Sculptor’s Idol. The Sabimaru is at the top of the nearby stairs, but is locked behind a door. Rather than using the door, you will have to venture to the castle rooftops to access the stairwell.

You will know you are in the right place when you run into the Nightjar clan. After reaching the idol, move forward until you find a room with wooden floors. You then need to leap between the floor’s walkways to drop down on a group of enemies.

After taking out the enemies, you will find a treasure chest nearby that holds the Sabimaru.

Divine Abduction

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For this tool, you will have to venture to the Sunken Valley. After some time exploring the valley, you will come across the Gun Fort. There is a Sculptor’s Idol within, but you will first have to dodge past a mass of gun toting enemies.

Move forward to confront the Long-Armed Centipede Giraffe. After defeating the mini-boss, you will find the tool nearby.

Gyoubu’s Broken Horn

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For this tool, you must head to Ashina Castle. Make your way to the castle’s Sculptor’s Idol. From there, you should see a set of stairs leading up to the castle in front of you.

Rather than taking the stairs, grapple hook to the path left of you. From there, you will discover a bridge filled with enemies. One of the enemies is carrying a key you will have to obtain.

After grabbing the key, return to the Sculptor’s Idol. Turn left at the base of the nearby castle stairs to eventually discover the Ashina Reservoir.

The reservoir area has its own Sculptor’s Idol within a nearby locked building. Luckily the key you recently picked up opens the door. Head inside and grab Gyoubu’s Broken Horn after taking out the nearby foes.

Loaded Umbrella

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You will need to travel to Ashina’s Castle for the next tool. Reach the upper tower area of the castle and enter the Antechamber. From there, you will find a spot that allows you to drop down to the first floor of the castle.

Make your way to the position of the Sabimaru, as discussed earlier. Unlock the nearby door, permitting you access to the back of the castle. You will soon find the Old Grave Sculptor’s Idol. Left of the idol, you will see a ledge. Looking over the ledge should reveal a nearby building with a hole in its roof.

Blackhat Badger, a merchant, will be waiting within to sell you the loaded umbrella tool.

Shinobi Firecracker

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For this one, you will need to venture to the Ashine Outskirts. From there, make your way to the Outskirts Wall — Gate Path. Eventually you will discover a destroyed home. Inside the wreckage will be an old woman willing to give you a bell.

The bell can be used as an offering at the Dilapidated Temple. Continue down the path until you find another gate. Rather than going further ahead on the path, grapple up to the location just left of the gate.

Reach the top of the nearby stone tower to locate the Memorial Mob merchant that is willing to sell you the Shinobi Firecracker.

Flame Vent

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In order to get this next tool, you will need to return to the Dilapidated Temple mentioned earlier. Take the bell you previously found and give it to the Buddha statue near the Sculptor. After presenting the bell, you will be sent back into the Wolf’s memory of the Hirata Estate.

Moving forward, you will eventually find a Sculptor’s Idol near the Estate Path. Leap over a wall to the right of the path.

You will eventually discover a small encampment of enemies. One ground of enemies will be gathered around a campfire. Defeat the foes to discover the fire barrel within the flames. This can be fitted on your prosthetic to form the flame vent.

Loaded Axe

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This next tool is also within the Hirata Estate. After discovering the fire barrel, continue onward. You will eventually come across an injured samurai. The samurai will alert you that the axe is nearby.

Continue forward until the path splits. Take the road left and leap up the nearby wall. Overhead you will see a group of enemies surrounding a shrine. Take out the enemies and loot the axe within the shrine.

Mist Raven

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You will also need to go to the Hirata Estate for this tool. You will need to venture forth throughout the estate until you face the Shinobi Hunter.

Defeat the hunter in order to venture forwards into the Bamboo Thicket Slope. A Sculptor’s Idol will be nearby.

Continue forward passed the idol until you have the ability to leap upwards and continue a higher path to a nearby river. Swim in the river and make your way under the nearby bridge.

A bank will be available on the right hand side for you to eventually exit the river. Cut through the bamboo to reveal a cave entrance. Make your way upwards to a nearby pagoda. A shinobi will be inside guarding the Mist Raven.

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