Gunfire Reborn Elemental Damage Explained

Weapons and skills in Gunfire Reborn revolve around three elements: Fire, Lightning and Corrosion. These elements will proc status effects on enemies that can then lead to advanced fusion effects that can cause enemies to do all kinds of neat things, such as attack other enemies instead of the player.

Let’s first take a look at how the elements work, what they do and then some tips on how to use them to up your game in Gunfire Reborn.

Elemental Damage Conversions for Gunfire Reborn

Each damage type can cause a specific status state on an enemy:

Fire (HP) -> Burning

Lightning (Shield) -> Shock

Corrosion (Armor) -> Decay

If you have multiple status effects, they will cause additional status effects:

Burning & Shock -> Manipulation

Burning & Decay -> Explosion / Combustion

Shock & Decay -> Miasma

Status Effects

Burning: Damage over Time

Shock: 10% more damage

Decay: 50% less movement speed

Manipulation: The enemy either quits attacking or attacks another enemy instead of you.

Explosion / Combustion: This happens once burn and decay occur, it’s a single AoE explosion around the enemy.

Miasma: Damage over Time (more than burning)

Immobile / Freeze: A special state caused by energy orbs that “pauses” an enemy. Can’t be used during certain attacks. Can block certain boss attacks.

Stagger: An interrupt caused by a plethora of skills and weapons (heavy weapons/swords).

Bleeding: Bloody Drill causes a damage over time that deals “True” damage.

Slow / Decelerate: Similar to Decay but only occurs in challenge events.

Crown Prince Grenades and Abilities

The base character, Crown Prince, has a skill “Smoke Grenade” that when mixed with elemental weapons can basically inflict every status effect on an enemy at once. While Li has the ability to do burning, the Crown Prince does corrosion which is very strong starting in the Anxi Desert.

Elemental Tips & Tricks

Really the biggest thing is to keep mixing and matching. Make sure to have an elemental weapon and use your skills! Focus on corrosion / decay. The slow is important in kiting enemies and the armor damage is critical starting in the desert. Beyond that, you may want to focus only on one element in the case of say Li where stacking all fire synergizes with the ascension abilities.

Enemies that Stagger in Gunfire Reborn

  • Abyssal Serpent: Bite.
  • Dark-faced Bandit: Charge Attack.
  • Elite Beetle: Charge Attack.
  • Elite Mandrill Cavalry: Charge Attack.
  • Elite Yaksha: Ground Slam.
  • Golem: Ground Slam.
  • Ichthyosaurus Offspring: Shockwave.
  • Lu Wu: Ground Slam, Leap.
  • Mandrill Cavalry: Snowy Mandrill’s Charge Attack and Slam. Requires the Mutant Penguin to be killed first.
  • Pole Monarch: Sword Slash.
  • Rogue Villain: Shotgun.
  • White Shark: Hook Throw. Pulls player to enemy.
  • Wind God: Wing Gust.

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