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Here’s What You Need to Know Before You Choose a House in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Here's how you can make this tough choice.

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses is out now and it packs a serious punch. A new direction for the franchise, this Fire Emblem title allows you to choose your starting house. The decision feels quite similar to having to choose a starting Pokemon in one of the series’ classic games or like choosing a house within the world of Harry Potter. Choosing your house is a monumental decision that will greatly impact your experience throughout the game.

Each house offers a different tactical edge and some added narrative flair, so you will have to choose wisely. In total, there are three houses to choose from. Players can experience the game under the Black Eagles, Blue Lions or the Golden Deer.

Whatever you decide to choose, Fire Emblem: Three Houses has a little something for everyone. Figure out which house is right for you by checking out the information provided below.

The Black Eagles

Edelgard von Hresvelg

The Black Eagles features members of the Adrestian Empire, with the esteemed Edelgard von Hresvelg acting as their house leader. As next in line for the empire’s throne, von Hresvelg is certainly not to be trifled with.

This house is all about magic, as they have more magic based units than any other house. That being said, every house still offers a well rounded variety of tactical options. Still, this house is a great choice for any player looking to delve into the arcane depths of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

The Black Eagles have fewer Crests than other houses, making them the weakest when it comes to physical defense and calvary.

Members of the Black Eagles hold justice above all and they generally believe the ends will justify any means. It is also important to note that this house holds a grudge with the Blue Lions.

The house’s students may be seen within the list provided below.

Black Eagles StudentsDescription
HubertAbove all others, Hubert is loyal to house leader Edelgard von Hresvelg. This student is strongest with a bow, but can learn to use a lance quite effectively.
BernadettaBernadetta is incredibly shy, perhaps to a fault. But, this powerful crackshot is second to none with a bow. And, she’s pretty handy with a lance as well.
DorotheaA lovely singer, Dorothea is the only commoner among the Black Eagles students. None the less, she can swing a sword with the best of them.
LinhardtLinhardt is not always the most responsible, but is totally dedicated to learning more about Crests.
FerdinandFerdinand holds a bit of a rivalry with the house leader, as this student is also rather highborn. Rather you give him a sword, axe or a bow, Ferdinand will come through for you.
CasparCaspar is dedicated to enforcing justice upon the world. Normally, Caspar enforces his principals on the world with an axe in hand.
PetraA foreigner to the Adrestian Empire, Petra has a hard time assimilating into Adrestian culture. None the less, Petra is skilled with a sword, bow and axe.

The Blue Lions

Prince Dimitri Blaiddyd

The Blue Lions hail from the Holy Kingdom in Faerghus, with Prince Dimitri Blaiddyd acting as the house’s leader.

This house holds chivalry above all, as they work to hold themselves to the highest standards of honor. If you are looking for physical defense and a powerful cavalry, the Blue Lions are the best. That being said, you will only be able to use a single natural bow user and only two magic users with this house.

Ultimately, members of this house struggle to hold their own at ranged. However, they can be brutally effective up close. The Black Eagles are their bitter rivals. You can check out the house’s prominent students down below.

Blue Lions StudentsDescription
IngridIngrid is a longtime friend of house leader Dimitri Blaiddyd, perhaps because of Ingrid’s exceptional sense of duty and honor. Rather using a sword or a lance, Ingrid is always a terrifying force on the battlefield.
MercedesA caring soul, Mercedes acts as a commoner despite her noble standing. She is proficient in reason and faith.
AsheAshe was adopted into nobility. As a result, Ashe often strives to be treated like his fellow nobles. This student is powerful with both axes and bows.
Sylvain A charismatic fellow, Sylvain is loyal to each and every one of his friends. He is most effective with lances and axes.
FelixFelix is a competitive nature, one that often overwhelms even his allies. He is proficient with swords and bows.
AnnetteAnnette is perhaps the most learned among her fellow students, though she can also be naive at times. Still, she can swing an axe and use a bow with the best of them.
DedueStoic and terse, Dedue is a quite individual. That being said, he can be quite kind if you get to know him. He is capable with both axes and magic.

The Golden Deer

Claude von Reigan

The Golden Deer is rooted within the Leicster Alliance, as Claude von Reigan rules over them as the house leader. This house has the highest percentage of commoners, making the Golden Deer quite the outlier.

This house specializes in ranged combat, as they laud the greatest archers among all of the houses. Overall, the Golden Deer are perhaps the most well rounded out of all of the houses. Consequently, this house is a great choice if you are uncertain how you want to play the game and wish to try a little of everything.

Check out the house’s students down below.

Golden Deer StudentsDescription
LorenzLorenz hails from a lesser house and is dedicated to finding a suitable wife. In combat, Lorenze is best suited with the lance.
LysitheaLysithea is a talented sorcerer. But, she is also adept at swordplay.
MarianneMarianne is not the most confident out of the class. But, she is talented with her sword none the less. She can also be quite adept with a lance if she practices.
RaphaelA smiling, physical adonis, Raphael is all about improving his body. Those unfortunate enough to meet him on the battlefield will likely receive an axe to the face.
IgnatzIgnatz is an artist at heart, though he is trained as a knight. In battle, Ignatz is talented with both the sword and bow.
LeonieLeonie is working to pay off the massive debt she owes the Officer’s Academy, as she only made it into the academy thanks to the support of her local village. Rather using a lance or a bow, Leonia is a fierce warrior on the battlefield.
HildaHilda is more of a deligator than a fighter. That being said, she can still deal some serious damage with both lances and axes.

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