High on Life Weapon Tier List & Top Tips

High on Life released to massive success on Game Pass and is a really fun, but rather short fourth wall breaking adventure. We’ve got a one page sheet on which weapons are best and what’s the best part about them, some top tips and wisdom on missables, a list of confusing parts during each of the bounties and finally we wrap-up with a spoiler free secret ending guide.

That’s a lot, but for a simple game it’s the best way to get everything you need in one place to make this is a far-out space adventure.

Weapon Tier List

A+: Creature

Creature’s ability is just really good because it’s offensive and defensive. Their trick shot is almost worthless, absolutely worthless. The mind control just sucks on lower difficulties, on the harder one it gets some heat off of you but ultimately the ability to just non-stop have enemies staggered with the spawns from creature is just super strong plus they will mostly chase all the enemies down and attach. That’s just raw power.

A: Kenny

Kenny’s damage output is just solid. The trick shot will clear a group of enemies and he doesn’t have any issues with range limitations like Gus.

A: Knifey

You don’t have to pick to have knifey around, but knifey is just strong in general.

B: Sweezy

Sweezy is probably one of the more favorite personalities and cooler guns. For firepower, Sweezy never feels as strong as Kenny even with the explosion or the mods; however the freeze time ability will stop the powerful enemies in their tracks.

C: Gus

Gus is last because he’s just not that great. His trick shot is very powerful and will clear enemies really well like Kenny can, but Gus just has too much range limitation and too few rounds to make it as strong as Kenny. Hit boxes aren’t very small in this game so the wide spray doesn’t help. The alt fire isn’t that great, very clunky and the mods make it almost kinda worse.

X: <Redacted>

The final gun you receive in the last mission is very powerful, but it is only available for use in that mission.

High on Life Tips

A Tier Tips

  • Don’t blindly trust the “locator” ability. It is directionally based, but not contextually. For instance, in the “Go to Nipulon” section of the game you’re in front of an elevator down. After you’re gooped, if you go down the elevator, the locator will remain flat with you and make it look as if you have somewhere to go underground. The actual path is outside and to the left and around.
  • Focus your upgrades on extending your energy. It makes jumps much easier when your jetpack lasts a lot longer.
  • Do not collect anything early in the game if you honestly have to try really hard to get to it. The game uses a very simple metroidvania style game mechanic system in which each puzzle has a very clear and easy solution. If you’re trying to get to something and it’s not very easy or clear, odds are you need to come back.
  • To the above point, you retrace a lot of areas of the game. Don’t fret if you don’t get everything the first go around.

B Tier Tips

  • Don’t worry about collectables, they add nothing but flavor to the game.
  • The movie theatre has a full movie to watch and the tv has a ton of shows you can sit and watch.
  • There are missables in the game achievement wise. They are “Fallout Doesn’t Let You Do This” which is at the start of the game and if you don’t make the choice to shoot you’ll miss the achievement. The “Don’t Knife the Hand that Feeds” comes next, if you choose to use Knifey on Gene you’ll get this achievement, if not it’s a replay. “Gunning For Your Job” which requires you to get Sweezy before fighting Krubis and having the conversation with the receptionist, choose “I’m the new boss” with Sweezy equipped. The rest are “A Starfish is Born” which involves giving the drum to Globo near your house after 9-Torg and visiting them after every bounty. Playing Favorites you get if you use anyone but Kenny in the end. Finally, “Stan’s XXXX” comes from taking the item from Stan and carrying it the entire game.

C Tier Tips

  • You can reduce how much the weapons talk in the options, which is useful if their banter about their trick shots starts getting on your nerves or happens to frequently.
  • Tethering in boss fights is generally the easiest way to avoid the damage.

D Tier Tips

  • Choices are permanent, but silly. Which gate you choose for the slums stays that way forever for instance.
  • You can clear popups.
AI Generated Art (like this, generated by us) was used in High on Life. You can find many of the posters in the game were made with AI.

Bounty Tips and Gotchas

In High on Life there’s some areas that can get kinda confusing, so let’s go over some quick tips on getting past them.

  • 9-Torg Bounty: You’ll need to use Kenny’s trick shot to do anything here. Lots and lots of this area is for coming back to later, so ignore anything you can’t reach.
  • Krubis Bounty: This one is rather straightforward, but like 9-Torg there’s a lot to come back later when you have more abilities so don’t fret about collectables. The leader won’t spawn until you clear the entire area out of enemies.
  • Douglas Bounty: The game kind of expects you almost to do Krubis first, but you don’t have to. After the segment where you’re pushed you’ll need to fire a glob shot and bounce it back around to get the bridge down. There’s no achievement for waiting the hour for Douglas. The pipe puzzles mostly require you to just hit every pipe. You have two narrative options for the Douglas fight, if you shoot Douglas you’ll get a different narrative (but same mechanical) boss fight.
  • Skrendel Bounty: This area is mostly straight forward HOWEVER, in each section that you have to use creature you’re looking for LARGE YELLOW HOLES to fire at. LARGE YELLOW HOLES. If it’s not a yellow hole then you’re looking for a GAP IN THE FENCE where a box is on the other side. This is true for the rest of the game to be fair. For instance, when you’re at the “Track Down the Skrendel Bros” stage you’ll come to a launcher that you can’t spin. You’re looking for a gap in the fence.
  • Dr. Giblets: Doesn’t matter who you talk to. You have to talk to three citizens total. The rest of the mission you’ll need to follow the suit to make it.
  • Nipulon: All you have to do for this mission is walk into Dreg City, get gooped, walk out and take a left and then walk all the way to Nipulon’s across the corner. Only fight if you want a warp crystal. The rest of everything is self contained in Nipulon’s area. When you’re in the “maze” just turn around, if things are getting bigger that’s the wrong way, you want to move where things are going slower.
  • Garmantuous Bounty: You can sacrifice anyone.

Secret Ending No Spoilers Guide

There’s a gazillion guides online about the secret ending but hey, if you’re here and want to know it’s easy with no spoilers:

After you finish the game go to Clugg’s Office. Everything you need is there. Some report you can do this earlier, however I personally did it after I finished the game.

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