How to Boost Your Energy, Farm Gems and Earn the Best Weapons/Abilities – Top Archero Tips for Beginners

It's time to up your game.

The mobile action game Archero is starting to get some serious attention. After all, none other than YouTube superstar PewDiePie has already gone out of his way to make a sponsored video about the game. With over 5 million views, and counting, PewDiePie has perhaps single-handedly brought a new level of popularity to the title. Now mobile players are flooding to their phones in scores to download Archero. Here’s a quick guide of useful tips and tricks for all you new players out there.


Archero is somewhat a rougelite, perhaps even a kindred spirit to the cult classic Binding of Isaac. With that in mind, You will die in this game over and over again.

However, you will come back and clear each room for skills, weapons and abilities to boost your power along the way. Finding success in this game will require patience, but it will also require that you plan ahead.

To that end, here is a list of useful tips and tricks to help you plan for your success.

1. The Best Weapons

Archero has a somewhat complex weapons system, so you are going to want to master this feature if you want to succeed. There are four basic weapon types, being tornadoes, scythes, bows and blades.

However, each weapon can be one of seven different rarities. The common weapons are white, while the great weapons are green. Rare weapons are blue and epic weapons are purple. Lastly, there are gold framed purple perfect epic weapons and gold legendary weapons.

If you want to boost your fighting prowess, you are going to want to ascend from using common weapons all the way up to legendary weapons. You can upgrade your weapons with gold and scrolls, though you will also loot higher rarity weapons as you progress through the game.

Check out the graph below for a breakdown of each weapon, from best to most situational.

#1TornadoThis is the best weapon in the game. The tool of war comes with a piercing property that is always useful. Beyond that, the boomerang deals additional damage to enemies as it returns to you.
#2ScytheYou can’t go wrong by choosing a scythe. The knockback ability is unique to this weapon and is quite useful when you feel the need to create some space.
#3BowThe bow is well-rounded, though not quite as beneficial as the tornado or the scythe.
#4BladeThe blade is perhaps the least impressive of the weapon types, though it can still be effective. It boasts the highest attack speed in the game, at the cost of the lowest damage per strike in the game.

2. Standing Still Will Allow You to Lock onto an Enemy

It is not advised that you make a habit out of standing still in Archero. Much like Binding of Isaac, this game is all about staying mobile. It is more important to dodge the incoming attacks than it is to get that last attack in. Be conservative, choose your shots carefully.

Of course, there are still times that you can take advantage of staying still. For instance, you will automatically lock on to an enemy if you attack them while staying still. As long as you remain still, they remain alive and they remain within range of you, you will continue to exclusively attack them.

3. How to Get Gems

Gems are the main resource in Archero. You can pay for gems through an in-game purchase or you can earn them for free. However you choose to go about earning these items, you have a few choices. Here are a few ways you can get your hands on these valuable jewels.

Level UpBy leveling up you will earn gems. While this process can be tiresome, you will also earn gems as you progress through chapters to level up your character.
AdvertisementsAfter you defeat a boss, you will be offered a lucky spin. Following the first spin, you will be offered a second spin if you watch an advertisement. This process can be completed up to five times each day and it will grant you coins or gems each time.
In-Game PurchaseLastly, you can simply buy gems in-game. If you want 80 gems, it will cost you $0.99. However, there are various package bundles to choose from. The largest package offers 14,000 gems for $99.99. That being said, you should buy the beginner’s pack before purchasing any of these packages. You will receive 300 gems for only $1.99.

4. Here’s How You Can Boost Your Energy

You will need five energy in order to play a round of Archero. That being said, there are ways to get energy back.

You gain energy at a slow rate throughout the day. But, you can also pay 100 gems for energy. It is suggested that you save your gems for chests so that you can earn better gear. Luckily, you can also earn energy by watching advertisements.

You can watch four advertisements every day in order to earn a grand total of five energy per viewing.

5. The Best Abilities

The abilities you earn in Archero will be the deciding factor in each of your playthroughs. Luckily, there are enough abilities to keep the game exciting and fresh with each experience. Check out a graph of the best abilities down below.

MultishotThis ability will make or break your boss fights. Much of the mid to late game of Archero is about battling bosses, making your proficiency at dealing single target damage paramount. The front arrow ability also pairs well with this. For the early game, you will want an ability like ricochet for the situational AoE.
Attack SpeedThis ability is a no-brainer. It pairs well with every other ability in the game and can drastically improve your damage output all on its own.
Bouncy WallsThis ability will create some interesting AoE, as all of your volleys will bounce off of surfaces and potentially hit other enemies. Pairing this ability with something like piercing, as it ensures that you get the most AoE out of every volley.
WingmanYou will need a pet to take advantage of this ability, but it’s worth it. Your pet will start tanking for you, allowing you to dodge more attacks and to stay in the game.

6. Be Careful When Making Deals With the Devil

During your play, you will come across both angels and devils. The angel will come bearing gifts, being either a health boost or a useful buff to your character. You should choose the healing option as long as your health is below 75%. Otherwise, consider taking the buff.

You will also, however, have a run in with the devil from time to time. This is where things get tricky.

The devil will not simply provide you with a powerful boon or a quick boost in health. If you want anything from the devil, you will have to give something in return. For instance, you may have to lower your maximum health in order to receive a small buff. Most of the time, deals with the devil are not worth it. Consequently, you are going to want to be very careful before considering any of his deals.

7. Never Use Gems to Revive Yourself

Whenever you die, you will be given the option to keep playing. However, it will cost you dearly.

In order to keep playing, you will have to spend a hefty number of gems. This is not suggested.

Gems are hard to come by in this game. Consequently, you are going to want to save onto your gems whenever you can. It is almost never worth it to revive yourself with gems. Rather, simply begin your journey over.

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