How to Chamber in Mordhau – A Guide to Success

Are you having issues learning how to chamber in Mordhau? Check out our guide down below.

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Triternion’s hack n’ slash competitive multiplayer game Mordhau has battled its way into the steam store, having garnered an incredibly hardcore audience. While the game only released less than a week ago, Mordhau is still attracting hoards of new players at a steady pace. That being said, the game is not easy.

Mordhau features some incredibly advanced tactics and gameplay mechanics that each require dozens upon dozens of hours to master. Consequently, new players just now making their way to the Mordhau battlefield will likely be faced with incredible odds as they are attacked by more experienced players. One of the top techniques many new players are still trying to master is the chamber. If you want to bring your Mordhau skills to the next level by mastering this incredibly useful technique, then look no further. We’ve got you covered.

What is a Chamber?

Chambering is a combat technique in Mordhau. The defensive skill most closely resembles a parry. However, the technique requires more finesse than your average parry. Luckily, the pay off for landing this difficult to master technique is totally worth it.

Chambering is accomplished when a player matches the movement and attack angle of their opponent. Timing the chamber just before the opponent’s strike, the player is capable of negating the oncoming attack and exposing their opponent with a punishing stun.

Chambering costs a significant amount of stamina, making it a risky move to attempt. That being said, the technique is also a great way to gain initiative over your opponent and to punish your opponent for feinting their strikes.

How to Chamber

In order to successfully chamber, you will have to read your opponent. You will need to be able to read the angle of attack from your opponent and then mirror that movement with your own weapon. When your opponent telegraphs an attack from the upper left angle, for instance, you should mirror your opponent’s attack by moving to chamber at the upper right angle. If your opponent is using a stabbing attack, then the angle will not be a factor concerning the chamber technique. By perfectly mirroring your enemy’s movement in this fashion, you will be able to pull off a perfect block.

When blocking, do not attempt to block until just before the attack from your opponent lands. Getting a feel for this timing will take some practice. If you block too soon, you will be stunned from the attack and will be unable to complete the chamber. If you block too late, you will be struck with the full force of the oncoming attack.

If you block at the right moment, however, your opponent will be left stunned and exposed for a counter-strike. Take advantage of this moment by dishing out either a stab or a slash attack.

As provided by YouTube content creator Gat, the video above demonstrates a successful chamber for players to see. For more tips and tricks on playing Mordhau, check out the article Mordhau 15 Tips and Tricks for New Players – A Beginner’s Guide.

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