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How to Collect Hearts and Candles in Sky: Children of the Light | Gaming Tier List

How to Collect Hearts and Candles in Sky: Children of the Light

Here's what you need to know.

From the creators of Flow, Flower and Journey, Sky: Children of the Light offers fans a unique mobile gaming experience that is definitely worth your time. If you want to make the most out of the game, however, you are going to want to collect the game’s two main currencies. These are hearts and candles. Luckily, it isn’t too difficult of a task.

How to Earn Hearts in Sky: Children of the Light

While candles are the primary currency in Sky: Children of the Light, hearts are how you can interact with your friends online. If you want to show your teammates some extra affection, then you are going to want to grab a few of these.

You can buy cosmetic items with hearts if you visit a spirit vendor. The number one way you get hearts within this game is by exchanging three candles for every heart. The issue here is that you can only collect a single heart from each spirit vendor in this fashion. We will discuss how to collect candles later within this guide.

Just before you make it to the Hidden Forest, there is also a graveyard that features a stone on which you can meditate for additional hearts. After you have collected hearts on your own, you will have to receive hearts from your friends if you hope to collect anymore.

How to Earn Candles in Sky: Children of the Light

The primary currency in Sky: Children of the Light is candles. Consequently, you are going to want to get your hands on as many of these as you can.

Candles are used to purchase spells and to upgrade expressions, as well as a few other things. Luckily, it isn’t too hard to track them down. If you want to find candles, you will first have to collect some light.

You will come across small red candles throughout your journey in Sky: Children of the Light. Light each red candle you find. Then, collect all of the orange orbs of light that will come flowing out of them.

These orange orbs will each work to fill your candle meter. Once your candle meter is full, you can tap on the meter to earn a new candle. You may also light plants to collect orange orbs in this same fashion.

The big issue with farming for new candles is that the red candles can be used up and the plants can be burnt down. Consequently, you will want to revisit every area once they replenish their resources 24 hours later.

Another great avenue for this currency is the Valley of Triumph. This race will grant you candles twice per 24 hours. You can also purchase candles through the in-game store.

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