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How to Get All of the Achievements in Yakuza Kiwami 2 | Gaming Tier List

How to Get All of the Achievements in Yakuza Kiwami 2

Want to grab every achievement in Yakuza Kiwami 2? Check out the guide down below.

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Yakuza Kiwami 2 made its way onto the PC on May 9. With that in mind, droves of players are now leaping to their keyboards to play this classic Yakuza title. For all those completionists out there, we have decided to make things a little easier by providing a quick guide to all of the achievements in this popular game.

Guide to Success

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In order to earn all of the achievements in Yakuza Kiwami 2, there are only a few steps you will need to follow. First and foremost, you will need to complete the game on any available difficulty. Right after completing the main story, complete the Majima saga.

Next, you will want to continue the game in premium adventure mode so that you can clean up any final achievements before beginning your final playthrough. Lastly, you will want to play the entire game over again on legend difficulty.

In order to earn all of the achievements, you will need to complete the game twice. The hardest “Legend” difficulty is not unlocked until after the game has been completed. Consequently, it is suggested that you begin your first playthrough of the game on the easiest difficulty. This way, you can breeze through the game and nab a majority of the achievements in record time.

Once you have completed the story, there is still the Majima Saga to worry about. It should only take two to three hours to complete the saga, however. Next, you will be granted the option to create game clear save data. Select “No,” so that you may instead begin your playthrough on Premium Adventure Mode. This is a post-game free roam option that will allow you a final chance to nab any achievements you have yet to earn.

After that is finished, go back to the game clear save data option and select “Yes.” This time around, complete the game on Legend difficult so that you can nab that final achievement.

For a full list of every achievement you will want to get your hands on as you progress your way to your legend difficulty playthrough, check out the information down below.

YAKUZA KIWAMI 2Obtained all other achievements.
Dragon of LegendCompleted the game in Legend mode.
Thank You! Completed the final chapter.
Peak KiryuRaised all base stats to their maximums.
Amon DefeatedCompleted the “Ultimate Assassin” sub-story.
All Done Completed 100% of the Completion List.
Weapon MasterDefeated 100 enemies using weapons.
Story of My LifeCompleted all sub-stories.
Skill MasterLearned all skills.
Let’s Build Some HillsCompleted the “Clan Creator” storyline.
A Taste for JapanAte at all restaurants.
Heat of the DragonRaised the heat gauge to a natural 180.
Limit BreakerBroke the limit on a base stat.
Party Like it’s 1988!Possessed over 10,000,000 yen.
Repeat OffenderDestroyed an establishment three times.
Opening Up a CanDrank all drink types from vending machines.
Tourist SeasonTook 10 photographs.
What a PlayerPlayed all minigames.
Half Performance, Half Raw PowerWon all of the Coliseum’s tournaments.
You’re Not Welcome Completed all bouncer missions.
Majima Construction BenefitsRecruited over 50 workers into Majima Construction.
Shine, Shine, Four ShineJoined Club Four Shine.
Coin Locker ConquerorOpened all coin lockers.
Majima Construction ForemanPossessed over 200,000 points in Clan Creator.
An Eye for TalentRegistered 30 hostesses.
Vitality of the DragonRaised defense to a natural 180.
Legends of the NightlifeCompleted the “Four Shine” storyline.
Be True to YourselfLent an ear to all the platinum hostesses.
Movie BuffWatched all the videos.
My Boss is CrazyBecame a Majima Construction employee.
A New Champion is Born!Won first league championship in the Cabaret Club Grand Prix.
For the ChildrenDonated 1,000,000 yen to Sunflower Orphanage.
Strength of the DragonRaised Attack to a natural 180.
The Dojima LegacyCompleted Chapter 1
FireworksCompleted Chapter 2
Enemies on All SidesCompleted Chapter 3
A Contest of KingsCompleted Chapter 4
Secrets Long BuriedCompleted Chapter 5
Shots FiredCompleted Chapter 6
Caught in the ActCompleted Chapter 7
Prisoner of Shangri-LaCompleted Chapter 8
Honor and BetrayalCompleted Chapter 9
Sotenbori LightsCompleted Chapter 10
Creed of HatredCompleted Chapter 11
Tiger DropCompleted Chapter 12
Demon, Killer, FatherCompleted Chapter 13
There Can Only Be One DragonCompleted Chapter 14
Dragon’s BloodCompleted Chapter 15
Life of the DragonRaised Health to a natural 180.
Tell Me a StoryCompleted 10 substories.
Hero of the StoryCompleted 30 substories.
Just Getting StartedCompleted 10 items on the Completion List.
Making ProgressCompleted 30 items on the Completion List.
Maybe You Can Do ItCompleted 50 items on the Completion List.
Battle Skills MasterLearned all Battle Skills.
Heat Action MasterLearned all Heat Actions.
Life Skills MasterLearned all Life Skills.
The Majima FactorCompleted the Majima Saga.
Champion of the City Defeated all street bosses.

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