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How to Get Inside the Tower of Quantum Knowledge in Outer Wilds | Gaming Tier List

How to Get Inside the Tower of Quantum Knowledge in Outer Wilds

Here's what you need to know.

Mobius Digital’s open world, action-adventure game Outer Wilds hit stores on May 29 for Xbox One and May 30 for PC. Since then, the game has been garnering some serious attention from the gaming community. Of course, not everything in this game is easy.

One item of interest many players seem to be asking about is the Tower of Quantum Knowledge. If you have questions about this important landmark, don’t fret. We’ve got you covered.

What is the Tower of Quantum Knowledge?

The Tower of Quantum Knowledge is where you will learn important details concerning the Quantum Moon and Wandering Eye. Within the tower, you will learn the rule “To explore the sixth location, the shrine must be on the moon’s north pole.”

That being said, tracking down and getting inside the tower is no easy task.

Where is the Tower of Quantum Knowledge?

The Tower of Quantum Knowledge is found on the world Brittle Hollow. If you want to discover the tower, then you will have to snoop around the planet’s equator.

An easy way to track down the tower is to use your Signal Repeater to monitor quantum fluctuations on the planet. Eventually, you will track down a space rock that moves whenever you are not staring at it. The tower can be found surrounded by trees nearby.

How Do You Get Inside the Tower of Quantum Knowledge?

When you first arrive at Brittle Hollow, the Tower of Quantum Knowledge will be sealed off. Consequently, gaining access to the tower is somewhat of a complicated process. That being said, there are a series of steps you can follow if you want to make your way inside.

First, land on the tower’s roof. Then, wait. The planet will be pummeled by its nearby star, ultimately detaching the tower from its heavenly body and sending it into the black hole that is close by. You will get sucked into the black hole as well, but don’t fret.

Wait for the tower, and yourself, to be transported out of the black hole and through a nearby white hole, then simply fly your ship into the tower. It may take up to 15 minutes for the tower to break off of the planet, so you will have to be patient. However, the answers inside this mysterious structure are definitely worth the wait.

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