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How to Get the 10 Best Weapons in Borderlands 2’s Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary | Gaming Tier List

How to Get the 10 Best Weapons in Borderlands 2’s Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary

This is how you get a top tier arsenal.

Borderlands 2 is catching the attention of shooter fans all over again. And, it’s for good reason.

Gearbox Software dropped a proverbial bomb at E3 this year. The creative team behind the Borderlands series has released a brand new piece of downloadable content for the game. Titled Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary, the new DLC features a full-fledged storyline that is intended to lead up to the events of Gearbox Software’s upcoming Borderlands 3. And, it’s free for the entire first month of its release.

The new DLC features a new villain, new locations and new kinds of threats to the world of Pandora. However, the DLC has also birthed an entirely new tier of weapons called “Effervescent” gear. This new tier of “rainbow” weapons far exceeds the prowess of the originally top dog legendary (orange) gear. With that in mind, players are working hard to upgrade their arsenals with this new tier of bandit destroying loot by playing through the new DLC.

If you want to upgrade your gear, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here is how you can get your hands on the top 10 best weapons in Borderlands 2 by playing the Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary DLC.

1. Overcompensator

In order to earn this weapon, you will need to first complete the questline within the Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary DLC. Then, make your way over to Vaughn and complete every quest he has for you.

After completing a few of his quests, the mission “Chief Executive Overlord” will present itself. Simply complete the mission and you will earn the weapon.

This gun can be quite fun to use. It speaks to you as you use it, offering a unique twist to your arsenal.

2. Toothpick

This weapon is a part of the Writhing Deep set, which includes a bevy of useful gear. This Dahl manufactured assault rifle has a 100% accuracy rating and deals a devastating amount of damage.

You can earn this weapon by farming Sand Worms in The Burrows area. Or, the weapon can drop from the Queen Sandworm during “The Hunt is Vaughn” quest.

3. Peak Opener

This weapon is used for the Raid on Digistruct Peak, making it a useful tool for leveling up fast. In order to earn this weapon, you will have to check the chests that drop when you defeat Haderax the Invincible.

4. Hot Mama

This weapon is relatively easy to acquire. It can be dropped by Lt. Hoffman within the Mt. Scarab Research Center during the Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary questline.

5. World Burn

This is the only top tier rocket launcher you can get your hands on. To claim it, you will have to defeat Lt. Bolson in the Dahl Abandon area.

6. Infection Cleaner

This powerful SMG is harder to come by than some of its Effervescent counterparts. There is no particular boss you can fight or mission you can complete to increase its drop chance. You will simply have to farm New Pandora Soldier enemies until it drops.

7. Nirvana

Once again, there is no boss to fight or mission to complete to find this weapon. If you want the Nirvana SMG, then you are going to have to farm Infected Badass Saplings. These enemies can be found in the infected areas throughout the Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary DLC.

8. Amigo Sincero

This gun deals true damage, as it bypasses the enemy’s shield and deals damage directly to your enemy’s hit points. Luckily, getting this weapon is not hard to do. You simply need to complete the BFFFs quest.

9. Unicornsplosion

This hilarious shotgun will take a bit of work to acquire, but it is definitely worth it.

First, you will need to go back to the Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep DLC. Within the Lair of Infinite Agony location, a randomly spawning mission will eventually appear. When you see the marker on your map, simply make your way over to discover the mysterious Mr. Miz. Miz will give you a choice. When prompted, choose to take the Mysterious Amulet.

Now, make your way back to the Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary DLC so that you can complete the My Brittle Pony quest. Once you are prompted to feed Butt Stallion, make sure you are wearing the amulet. If you are, then feeding the horse will grant you the weapon.

10. The Electric Chair

This grenade can be a wonderful weapon for your arsenal. To earn it, you will have to farm the Uranus boss until it drops. The drop rate is not terribly high. However, some players have claimed that using the World Burn rocket launcher on the boss can significantly increase the grenade’s drop rate.

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