How to Heal & AFK in Forager

Here's a quick tip to help you out during your Forager playthrough.

Forager is all about farming resources. With that in mind, there may be times when you want to shore up some resources while away from the keyboard. Luckily, there is a system that works.

How to AFK Farm in Forager

There are a few different methods concerning AFK farming, depending on what resources the player is attempting to collect. In this case, you will be farming money.

Here’s what you will need.

Magical ScepterThe magical scepter artifact will give your Death Rod infinite charges, making this item critical for this strategy.
Necro RodThis rod will allow you to spawn skeletons. Killing these creatures will result in a monetary gain.
Droid x4You will need four or more droids in order for this to work.
Renewal SkillThis skill will allow you to restore all of your spent energy upon killing a creature.

The first thing you will want to do is learn the renewal skill. Next, track down the necro rod and the Magical Scepter. Build four or more droids that will attack the skeletons you are going to spawn.

From there, build the droids around you in a circle. The droids should act as a cage of sorts for the skeletons. Next, use your necro rod to summon skeletons for your droids to defeat. The renewal skill and magical scepter will ensure that this process is sustainable. You will then be able to farm bones from the skeletons, which can be sold for some serious cash.

In order to make this an effective AFK farming method, you only need to use a rubber band or heavy object to consistently apply pressure to your mouse so that the skeletons will be continuously summoned. Now you should be able to leave your keyboard and continue about your day. Upon return, there should be a massive sum of bones available for you to sell.

How to Heal in Forager

Now that you have figured out how to AFK farm in Forager, you may find yourself returning to your keyboard to find that your character has sustained some damage. Don’t fret. Here is a quick guide on how to heal yourself in Forager.

Unless you sustain damage from an enemy, the only way you can lose health is by starving to death. Consequently, you will want to stock up on food. Cooked food sustain you the most, while berries and other base ingredients only offer a minimum source of sustenance.

If you have run out of hearts, however, you are going to want to start using some healing potions. At the Wizard’s Tower, healing potions can be crafted within a cauldron.

Here is the recipe.

Healing Potion Recipe
Flower x10
Citrus x10
Wheat x10
Bottled Torchbug x5

As illustrated within the image above, another great tool for healing is the Fairy Aura item. When equipped, the item provides significant passive healing and energy regeneration. In order to obtain the Fairy Aura, you will need to complete the “Fairy Mother Fountain” quest within the Grass Biome.

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