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How to Improve at Mordhau – How to Go From 1 Kill to 20 | Gaming Tier List

How to Improve at Mordhau – How to Go From 1 Kill to 20

Want to be feared on the battlefield? Check out our guide down below.

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Triternion’s popular sword-swinging, competitive multiplayer Mordhau is a huge success. The game has garnered a massive fan base of talented and dedicated players since its release, leading to a 24-7 surge of busy servers filled with blood pumping action. That being said, Mordhau’s success has led to some serious chaos on the battlefield when it comes to new players.

If you are a new Mordhau player, then you have a rather steep difficulty curve ahead of you. After all, the players in Mordhau are practiced and deadly. If you don’t know what you’re doing when you step onto the battlefield, then you will likely be helplessly killed time and time again. But, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.


Within this guide, we will be breaking down some of the most important parts of Mordhau that many new players need to know if they want to be successful within this war torn hack n’ slash game. From learning some of the game’s most effective combat techniques to breaking down the importance of a proper build, there are quite a few facets to this complex title. For a more basic overview of important tips for new Mordhau players, check out Mordhau 15 Tips and Tricks for New Players – A Beginner’s Guide.

However if you have made it past the basics of Mordhau, check out the information down below so that you can increase your kill count and become feared across the battlefield.

Mastering the Combat Techniques

Mordhau is all about combat. The combat in this game is quite complex and demands some serious finesse and attention to detail, forcing players to have to dedicated dozens and dozens of hours to perfecting each and every technique. To that end, we have cultivated a quick breakdown of each major technique you will need to master if you want to become a threat on the battlefield.


Feinting is a technique used to fool your opponent. The intention is to bait your opponent into reacting in some way so that you can respond with a punishing counter-attack. The technique is performed whenever a player begins telegraphing an attack, baiting in a response from their opponent. However, the player then cancels the attack at the last moment. Feinting costs 10 stamina to perform, so be careful to not overuse the technique.

In order to successfully complete a feint, you will have to first initiate an attack move. Just before the release of the attack, press Q to cancel the attack. By doing this, you will be able to keep your opponent guessing. Unable to predict your rhythm in combat, your foe will likely make a mistake and leave themselves exposed to a deadly counter-attack.

YouTube content creator z1josh can be seen within the video provided above offering a visual breakdown of the technique. Mastering this move is an easy way to keep your opponents guessing and to keep you alive to fight another day.


Morphing is the process of turning one attack into another. For instance, midway through a stabbing attack, you can morph the attack into an overhead strike instead. This technique is largely used to keep opponents guessing and as a last second correction during an attack. This move costs 7 stamina to complete, so make sure to keep up with your stamina meter when using this technique.

You can dramatically wheel and move your mouse in order to morph mid-strike. However, many players simply map out specific attacks to their keyboard bindings. Consequently, you can simplify the process into two basic button presses. While this technique is extremely simple, it is also elegantly effective. Check out the video from YouTube content creator Teripper up above for a visual representation of the process.


Video credit to Steam user Hadeus

Accels are more difficult to master than either of the techniques previously discussed. That being said, this technique is paramount for budding players.

An accel, which is shorthand for acceleration, is performed when a player manipulates their attack in order to make the strike land sooner than their opponent anticipated. The advantage of this technique is that you can make it increasingly more difficult for your opponent to properly predict your rhythm. By doing this, you are negating your opponent’s ability to effectively counter-attack.

For a complete breakdown of how to accel, check out How to Drag and Accel in Mordhau – A Quick Combat Guide. Within the video provided above, Steam user Hadeus can also be seen giving a visual representation of the technique.


Video credit to Steam user Hadeus

Dragging, also known as deceleration, is the opposite of performing an accel. Rather than speeding up your attacks by manipulating your movements, you are now manipulating your movements in order to slow down your attacks. Once again, this technique is also a great tool for keeping your opponent off balance and unable to predict your movements.

In order to learn how to drag, check out How to Drag and Accel in Mordhau – A Quick Combat Guide. For a visual representation of the technique, check out the video above as created by Steam user Hadeus.


Parrying is one of the most iconic and fundamentally useful techniques within Mordhau. Every talented player will want to learn this move.

Parrying is the act of deflecting an enemy’s attack, therefore eliminating the opportunity to receive damage. The concept is simple enough. But, the move itself can be quite difficult to master.

One of the most important aspects of a successful parry is the angle of attack. When you are attempting to parry an attack, you will have to collide your weapon with your opponent’s weapon. To parry the attack, you will have to connect with the very tip of your opponent’s weapon. Parrying below the tip of the weapon is dangerous, as your opponent may still land the oncoming strike due to their attack angle.

The next important aspect of a successful parry is timing. Parries should be performed at the very moment before the oncoming weapon impacts your character. Parrying too early or too late will fail, leaving you struck by the attack. One of the top ways new players often die is “panic parrying.” Unsure what to do, the new player simply begins flailing parries. However, this almost always leads to death.

Don’t panic. Keep your cool. Remember to hold off until the last moment to initiate your parry and aim for the very tip of your attacker’s weapon. YouTube content creator fatherknox can be seen providing a visual representation of a successful parry within the video provided above.


A riposte is a vicious counter-attack technique that is sure to enhance your lethality. That being said, you will want to master the parry technique before moving on to the riposte.

A riposte is performed directly after a successful parry, as the technique reduces the time of your counter-attack’s windup phase. Consequently, using a riposte is a faster counter-attack method than simply attacking your opponent after a successful parry.

In order to successfully perform a riposte, you will have to act fast. During your successful parry animation, begin performing an attack. If you wait too long, then the ensuing attack will not gain the speed boost offered by the riposte technique.

Learning how to perfectly time ripostes takes dedication and practice. For a visual representation of a riposte, check out the video above as provided by YouTube content creator Gat.


Chambering is perhaps the most difficult technique in all of Mordhau. That being said, mastering this skill is a definitive way to improve your combat effectiveness.

A chamber is, in a sense, a parry and a riposte all in one. By matching the movement and attack angle of your opponent, you are then able to time a counter-attack that negates your opponent’s strike and punishes them with a damaging stun. Chambering does, however, cost a staggering 20 stamina to use. Try to mix up your chambers with parries in order to keep your stamina costs down and to keep your opponent guessing.

To learn how precisely to pull off a chamber technique, check out How to Chamber in Mordhau – A Guide to Success. YouTube content creator Gat has also provided a visual representation of the technique above.

Mastering the Build

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Combat is the most vital element of Mordhau. That being said, there is also an intricate item and perk system that you will need to master in order to improve your results on the battlefield. Choosing the right perk for your character’s build can be the difference between life and death. Likewise, choosing the wrong combination of armor and weapons can spell the end for your character. In order to have a firm grasp of each system, check out the information below.


Perks offer passive buffs and interesting abilities that each help enhance your character’s combat effectiveness. Perks, armor and weapons all operate on a point system. A player has a total 16 points to spend on anything from the three sections. However, every item costs a different number of points.

If you want to grab a perk to improve your character, you are going to have to shell out some points towards your build. That being said, some of the perks are definitely worth picking up. A full list of each perk can be viewed down below.

PerkPoint CostDescription
Acrobat1Jump Stamina cost reduced by 50%
Fireproof1Reduces fire damage by 80%
Friendly150% Damage reduction to dealt and received team damage
Cat1Reduces fall damage by 50%
Scavenger1Killing enemies causes them to drop everything they are carrying, including holstered equipment
Ranger2Allows you to move 15% quicker while aiming a bow or crossbow
Wrecker1Melee damage against structures increased 50%
Smith1Repair effectiveness increased 50%
Tenacious1Passive Health regeneration is 40% faster
Second Wind2Stamina gain on hit increased 30%
Bloodlust5Health on Kill increased 50%
Fury2Stamina on kill increased 66%
Brawler2Increases Fist damage
Huntsman2Projectiles deal 200% damage against enemies wearing a quiver
Rat2Crouch movement speed increased 10%, Footstep volume reduced 75%
Rush3Instantly get a movement sprint boost upon killing an enemy
Flesh Wound2Fatal melee and projectile damage, except for headshots, does not kill you immediately, but 5 seconds later.
Peasant8Restricts equipment & wearables to things a peasant would use & allows you to spawn with makeshift weapons
Dodge4Jumping backward or to the sides will perform a dodge instead of a jump

The best perks in the game are Second Wind, Bloodlust, Tenacious, Hunstman, Ranger, Friendly and Dodge. If you want to bring your gameplay to the next level, then you are going to want to consider incorporating one or two of these perks into your build.

Beyond that, the perks Fury, Fireproof, Cat, Rush and Scavenger are all acceptable. However, the perks mentioned above are generally considered top tier. Beyond these, it is often best to simply save your points for some fine armor and weapons.


Armor is measured by two aspects, being footspeed and protection. The more protection a piece of armor provides, the less footspeed it will offer. There are three armor slots, being your legs, chest and head. For new players, it is highly suggested that you wear a helmet. Attacks to the head are fatal and easily mitigated by a helmet.

Choosing your armor loadout is dependent on your playing style. Consider starting out with more armor in order to mitigate damage received whenever you make an error in combat. As you become more comfortable with the game’s mechanics, consider experimenting with less armor and greater mobility.

There are four tiers of armor in Mordhau, as listed below.

Armor TierFootspeedProtection
Light Armor++++
Medium Armor++++
Heavy Armor++++


Weapons in Mordhau come in many different shapes and sizes. In total, there are three different slots for weapons. The initial slot is for your primary weapon. The secondary slot is your second most utilized weapon. Lastly, the tertiary slot is for your situational weapon.

Weapons are categorized by their point values. Weapons can cost anywhere from one to over eight points to add to your build.

Most of the weapons in Mordhau also have alternate grips. By pressing “R,” you can switch to your weapon’s alternate grip. The alternate grip of the weapon generally sacrifices power and range for speed.

Knowing which weapon is right for you will take time. Experiment with all of Mordhau’s available arsenal before spending too much time training with any particular item. A breakdown of each weapon category can be seen below.

Weapon Point ValuesDescription
1-3 PointsThese are side arms and backup weapons.
3-5 PointsThese weapons are generally utilized in 1v1 duels as primary weapons and are utilized as secondary weapons in 1vX open battle.
6-8 PointsThese weapons include the battleaxe, greatsword and poleaxe. These weapons are generally considered useful in almost all situations.
8+ PointsThese are support weapons. Best used in team fights, these weapons have incredible reach and impressive damage outputs. It is best to stay away from these weapons when fighting 1v1. However, these weapons can make massive differences in team fights.

Last Minute Tips and Tricks

Now that you have a grasp of Mordhau’s system, there are a few things still left to learn. Check out these last minute tips and tricks in order to polish off your skill set.

  • Determine which system is best for you, 240 or keybind. There are two different control methods that have been popularized within Mordhau. The 240 method is utilized by only using one to two keys to attack with and then using the mouse to control the direction of each attack. The keybind method, however, is when you bind each and every attack to a button. Determining which method is right for you will take time and practice. Consider trying both methods before sinking too much time into either one. A breakdown of the default controls for the 240 method can be viewed below.
Image credit to Steam user Hadeus
  • Unbind your parry key to help train your chambers. This may seem extreme. However, unbinding your parry can be a great way to force yourself to hone your chamber skills. You will likely die a lot during this process, but will ultimately become a better Mordhau player for it.
  • Tips for winning 1vX fights. Fighting in 32v32 matches will often lead to you being attacked by multiple enemies at once. The first tip is perhaps the most obvious. You should never let a group of enemies completely surround you. To keep your opponent’s on their toes, switch targets unpredictably during your attacks. Lastly, you will likely feel the urge to go on the defensive. However, you need to attack if you want to survive.
  • How to deal with shield abusers. Some shields will permit players the ability to block continuously. This will first seem like a large hassle, but is easily avoided. Whenever you are dealing with a shield user that is abusing their block, front kick them in order to deal a devastating stun. Then, go in for the kill.
  • How to deal with rapier abusers. Often times, players that use the rapier will abuse the weapon’s faster stabbing attack. The key to countering this tactic is to chamber the stab attack with a stab attack of your own. During the chamber, morph your attack to a side strike. Generally speaking, stab attack abusers will simply continue stabbing. As you are not chambering the attack with a predictable stab in return, but rather masking it as a stab and then firing off a side strike, you will be able to punish them severely.
  • Go on the offensive. Mordhau is a game that favors offensive tactics rather than defensive ones. As mentioned before, “panick parrying” is one of the top causes of death in this game. If you want to survive, you will have to do more than simply parry your opponent’s attacks. Rather, take the fight to them.

For everything Mordhau, check out Mordhau Guides Portal – Anything and Everything Mordhau.

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