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How to Level up Fast by Earning Creed Points in Assassin’s Creed Unity | Gaming Tier List

How to Level up Fast by Earning Creed Points in Assassin’s Creed Unity

Want to earn Creed Points fast? Check out this guide down below.

If you want to get levels fast in Assassin’s Creed Unity, then you are going to want to earn Creed Points as fast as you can. You will have to make it far enough within the game’s campaign to actually join the assassin’s guild before you can begin garnering Creed Points. After that there are a few ways to get these points, so we have taken the time to chart down each and every action that you can take to quickly cultivate this pseudo-currency.

The best way to boost your Creed Points is to take advantage of certain combat abilities throughout the game. You can earn Creed Points by completing these actions multiple times. However, there is a brief cooldown of a few minutes between rewards. That being said, there are plenty of different actions you can take advantage of for Creed Points both in single-player and co-op. Check them out below.

Single-Player Actions

NameDescriptionCreed Points
Legendary KillKill over four enemies in quick succession.250
Quick ShotKill an enemy with a ranged weapon quick shot.50
Head ShotKill an enemy with a ranged weapon headshot.100
FinisherKill someone with a melee signature move.100
Perfect Parry ExpertComplete a perfect parry three times in quick succession.100
Staggering Strike ExpertComplete three staggering strikes within 10 seconds.100
Fight SurvivorWin a fight while having critical health.100
BreakfallGrab a ledge following a fall of 20 meters or greater.100
Controlled DescentWhile free running, do three downward vaults in a row.50
Expert Controlled DescentWhile free running, do five downward vaults in a row.250
Fast LiftUse a lift rope to climb onto a rooftop.100
Lift KillKill an enemy with a falling lift.200
Vanish SurvivorWhile in critical health, vanish.100
Bell Ringer KillDestroy an alarm bell ringer.50
Alarm Bell DisabledSabotage an alarm bell.100
Air AssassinationKill an enemy with an air assassination.150
Ledge AssassinationKill an enemy from a ledge.150
Cover AssassinationWhile in cover, assassinate an enemy.50
Hiding Spot AssassinationWhile in a hiding spot, assassinate an enemy.150
Blend AssassinationWhile blending into a crowd, assassinate an enemy.50
VanishAfter a Last Known Position, vanish.50
Stun Grenade KillStun an enemy with a stun grenade and then kill them.50
Stun GroupStun four different enemies simultaneously with a stun bomb.150
Smoke Bomb VanishLeave a Last Known Position after throwing a smoke bomb.50
Cherry Bomb LureDistract an enemy with a cherry bomb.50
Money Pouch BlendBlend into a group created by using your money pouch.50
Poison Gas KillKill an enemy with a poison gas bomb.100
Poison Gas GroupHarm four enemies simultaneously with a poison gas bomb.150
Phantom Blade KillTake down an enemy with a phantom blade.50
Berserk KillUse a berserk blade to force an enemy to kill another enemy.100

Co-Op Actions

NameDescriptionCreed Points
ReviveRevive another player100
Critical HealApply group healing to a player with critical health100
Disguise GroupDisguise another player.150
Resupply GroupApply the Assassin’s Cache on another player.150
Sync Leap of faithHave two players perform a Leap of Faith simultaneously.200
Double Sync AssassinationHave two players kill two different enemies at once.200
Triple Sync AssassinationHave two or more players kill three different enemies at once.300
Quad Sync AssassinationHave two or more players kill four different enemies at once.500
Legendary Sync AssassinationHave two or more players kill five different enemies at once.1,000
Sync Hiding Spot AssassinationHave two players kill two different enemies from hiding spots.250
Tagged KillKill an enemy marked by another player.250
Sync Stun KillAssassinate an enemy stunned by another player’s stun bomb.250
Sync Cherry Bomb KillKill an enemy distracted by another player’s cherry bomb.250
Sync Phantom BladeHave two players incapacitate two different enemies at once.500

Last Minute Tips and Tricks

Now that you have a firm understanding of how to garner Combat Points quickly, here are a few last minute tips and tricks to improve your Assassin’s Creed Unity experience.

  • Open up all of the Eagle Points as soon as possible. The Paris map is absolutely huge in Assassin’s Creed Unity. Consequently, unlocking all of the Eagle Points is an easy way to cut down on travel time.
  • Snag the lock picking skills as early as you can. There will be an abundance of opportunities for you to lock pick your way into buildings in order to take an alternate path for a mission. The sooner you get this skill, the sooner you can take advantage of these opportunities.
  • Don’t forget about your Berserk Blades. This weapon can enrage any NPC into attacking those nearest to them. If combat ever feels too demanding, remember to use this weapon so you can turn the odds to your favor.
  • Stay stocked on smoke bombs. There will be plenty of moments when you need to flee from an angry crowd of attackers. A well placed smoke bomb can be the difference between life and death in these moments.
  • Hold off on doing side quests until you have progressed far enough in the campaign for Arno to become a true assassin. Until this story point, you will not be able to gain Creed Points. Consequently, you will have more opportunities to earn this pseudo-currency if you hold off on the side quests.

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