How to Play Outer Worlds for $1 and Not Use the Epic Store

If you want to play Outer Worlds, the new Fallout 3/4-like game by Obsidian, you have a few options. It’s on the PS4, Xbox and on PC via the Epic Games Store. However, instead of buying it full price, you can actually play it (at least for the first month for $1) and not even have to have the Epic Store installed.

This “trick” isn’t a trick at all and is an intended play path by the developers. You can get the trial for Xbox Game Pass and install the PC version off of Microsoft’s website (no links – trust no links to it, go to Microsoft yourself to avoid malware). In the games included with the game pass is not only Outer Worlds but other awesome titles like the Gears of War series and Metro.

That’s it, all there is to it. Now, you can also buy the game from Microsoft and it won’t use the Epic Store Launcher. Another neat thing is, you can share it with the game pass on the Xbox One, so technically two people could only have to obtain one copy of it to play.

There is one small catch. You do have to be on Windows 10. I don’t have qualms about it right now because Windows 10 isn’t that bad of an operating system to me – it’s better in a lot of ways than Win7 and Win8 and while it’s not as good as WinXP, at least it gets constant updates and the anti-virus protection included is really good.

Oh and you’ll need a lot of storage space for the game and a beefy video card to get a good framerate, it’s a hefty title. Even if you don’t or can’t play Outer Worlds, the Xbox game pass is really good for so many games that you may have skipped over and will continue to get launch date AAA games included as well.

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