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How to Raid the Chambers of Xeric- An Old School RuneScape Guide to the End Game | Gaming Tier List

How to Raid the Chambers of Xeric- An Old School RuneScape Guide to the End Game

Here's how you can make the most out of this end game dungeon.

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Runescape is a unique treasure of a game. Even split between multiple communities and across multiple versions, the game has still managed to collect an incredibly wide and passionate audience. The audience is so passionate that “Old School Runescape” is still alive and well. To that end, we have decided to complete a detailed guide to one of Old School Runescape’s greatest accomplishments. Here’s a deep look at the first major Runescape raid, the Chambers of Xeric.

The Chambers of Xeric was the first major raid added to Runescape, as it offers players a lengthy and complex system of enemies to battle for some serious loot. Consequently, the raid has become a staple part of many players’ end-game content. Check out the details behind the popular raid down below.

Where Are the Chambers of Xeric?

If you want to reach the Chambers of Xeric, you will need to first head to Mount Quidamortem. To quickly make your way there, use the mine cart system from within the Lovakengj House. In order to use the system, you will have to earn 65% favor with the Lovakengj House and then give the mine cart system worker Stuliette a mine cart control scroll.

Once you have made your way to the Chambers of Xeric for the first time, things will be much easier moving forward. You will earn an ancient tablet after finishing the Chambers of Xeric raid that can be used on Xeric’s talisman to instantly teleport back to Mount Quidamortem at any time.

If you do not wish to use the mine cart system, then make your way to Shayziens’ Wall and begin traveling west. Speak to the Mountain Guide near Gnosi and the Natural Historian in order to establish a travel route between the mountain and Shayziens’ Wall.

You can see an illustration of the Chambers of Xeric location upon Mount Quidamortem up above.

How Does the Chambers of Xeric Raid Work?

The Chambers of Xeric raid is quite unique. The game gauges the strength of your party before determining the strength of the raid’s enemies and skilling rooms. Up to 100 players can enter a raid, making this a rather interesting feature.

To kick off the raid, the raid’s leader will have to set up their party in the Clan Chat. After setting this up, the raid leader can confirm the clan chat and enter the chambers.

The chambers are filled with copious amounts of puzzle rooms and boss battles. Each raid will consist of three floors, with the final floor housing the raid’s main boss fight. After finishing the first and second floor, however, all of the party’s players will be able to replenish their energies at an energy well.

Each raid is randomized, ensuring a unique experience with each playthrough.

There is also a “Challenge Mode” that can b played. This is considered the more difficult version of the raid, as it features tougher enemies. Finishing this mode will earn you metamorphic dust and a cosmetic cape.

What Bosses Are Within the Chambers of Xeric?

There are a grand total of seven bosses within the Chambers of Xeric, though the number of bosses you face during your raid is randomized. The final boss, however, is the one and only Great Olm. Here is a little information on how you can defeat the first six of the mighty members of Xeric’s chambers. For information on the final boss, check out the next section.

TektonThe entire party should use Protect from Melee. The entire party should also focus on dealing melee damage, as Tekton is resistant/immune to ranged and magic damage. Try to get through Tekton’s mighty defense by using crush weapons and by focusing your attacks whenever the boss is surrounded by an orange aura.
VespulaThe entire party should use Protect from Missiles and should have some form of poison protection. One of the party’s members will need to focus on feeding medivaemia blossoms to the lux grubs within the boss room. Otherwise, the boss will earn a hefty amount of healing from the grub once they have starved and devolved into vespine soldiers. The party should focus on dealing ranged damage. Lastly, focus your damage on the abyssal portal only after Vespula’s health has dropped to 20%.
VanguardThere are three vanguard bosses in total. There is a ranged, melee and a magic vanguard boss. Consequently, your party will need a little of every damage type and resistance for this fight. All of the vanguards will heal themselves if your party focuses their damage too much on any single vanguard. As a result, you will want to spread your damage output evenly among the three bosses.
Ice DemonYou will first have to light the nearby braisers by applying kindling in order to thaw out the Ice Demon. The demon has two different attacks and will alternate the attacks based on the party’s decision to use Protection from Missiles or Protection from Magic. Either way, the boss will be using AoE attacks. Fire spells are especially effective against the Ice Demon.
MuttadilesThere are two Muttadiles for your party to face, as they both guard Xeric’s chambers. Either cut down the meat tree or use Ice Barrage to keep the bosses from eating meat off the tree. Eating from the tree earns the bosses health. The larger Muttadile will remain submerged in water and unattackable until the smaller boss has been defeated. Protect from Missiles is effective against the smaller Muttadile, which uses both melee and ranged attacks. After killing the smaller Muttadile, the larger boss will exit the water and begin using magic, ranged and melee attacks. The party should be using Protect from Magic for this battle. If any player gets within melee range of the boss, the Muttadile will unleash a devastating shockwave attack.
Vasa NistirioTry to destroy the nearby crystal clusters with stab attacks as quickly as possible, as Nistirio will use these crystals to heal. Protect from Missiles is quite useful during this boss fight, as Nistirio will throw rocks at the players as he dashes for more crystals. However, Protection from Magic will be your primary focus during the battle.

How Do You Defeat the Chambers of Xeric Final Boss?

The final boss within the Chambers of Xeric is a massive, white salamander known as the Great Olm. The Great Olm has a bevy of dangerous abilities that you are going to want to read up on, so let’s get to it.

Standard Attacks

The final boss has two standard attacks, being a green orb magic attack and a crystal barrage ranged attack. What you are really going to want to look out for, however, are the Olm’s sphere attacks.

Sphere Attacks

There are three in total, being a red, green and purple attack. If a player is struck by a single sphere, they will lose roughly half of their health. You can, however, diminish the spheres by blocking them with prayers. When attacked with a red sphere, use Protection from Melee. When attacked with a green sphere, use Protection from Missiles. When attacked with a purple sphere, use Protection from Magic. There are, however, more moves you will need to concern yourself with.

Additional Attacks

Whenever Olm’s left hand is clinched, there are three different attack moves you should look out for. For starters, there is the crystal burst.

After his left hand presents a crystal icon, Olm will toss a crystal seedling under each player within the party. If the players do not move, the seedlings will explode for a considerate amount of damage. Beyond that, each player will be pushed to a nearby tile.

Olm’s left hand will present a lightning bolt just before he begins using his devastating lightning bolt attack. The lightning bolt will spread north and south, dealing a series of effects to any player struck by the attack. A struck player will have their overhead prayers disabled, will be bound and will suffer a significant amount of damage.

Lastly, Olm’s left hand will present a swirl symbol before he commits to his swap attack. If you are playing solo, then Olm will choose a random tile within the chamber. However, Olm will pick two tiles from under random party members if you are playing with a group.

You will want to make your way to these tiles as fast as you can. Standing on one of these tiles will allow you to avoid damage from the attack, as the damage you take from the ability will only grow as the distance between you and the tile expands.

Phase Attacks

On top of having primary attacks, sphere attacks and a trio of additional attacks, the Great Olm also has a series of phase specific attacks that you will have to worry about.

There are nine phase specific attacks in total. You can learn about them within the graph provided below.

Acid SprayOlm will vomit forth several pools of acid, which each deal 3-6 damage per tick and apply a weak poison effect.
Acid DripOlm will cover a single player in acid, causing them to drop acid pools around them.
Deep BurnOlm will shoot a green fireball at a single player. For five hits, that player will suffer five damage for every few ticks and will suffer a -2 stat reduction. This attack can infect other players, resetting the ability’s timer.
Fire WallOlm will trap a player with two walls of fire. In order to be freed from the fire walls before taking an incredible amount of damage, you will have to cast a water spell on a portion of one of the walls.
Falling CrystalsOlm will target a player with a red aura, causing crystals to fall down onto that player.
Crystal BombsOlm will unleash up to three crystal bombs. The bombs will explode after some time, creating 5×5 AoE damage zones. You will receive more damage from the explosion the closer you are to the bombs.
AutohealDuring the first three phases of the fight, the Great Olm will heal any damage received to his head over a series of ticks. During the third phase, Olm’s left arm receives the Autoheal ability as well. The left hand will show an infinity symbol to represent the activation of the ability.
Life SyphonDuring the final phase, Olm will fire two blue projectiles. These projectiles will produce shields as soon as they hit the ground. Any player not within those shields will suffer significant damage after a few ticks. Olm will then be healed for five times the amount of damage dealt.
Falling Crystals (Alternative)During the transition between phases and during the final phase, Olm will force crystals to fall to the ground. These crystals will cause 3×3 AoE damage and will cause more damage based on the proximity of your character. Shadows on the ground will indicate where the crystals will land.

Great Olm’s Stats

The Great Olm is equipped with more than just a bevy of powerful attacks. The final raid boss also boasts a rather impressive series of stats. Check them out within the graphs below.

Combat Level1043
Attack StylesMagic and Ranged
ImmunitiesPoison and Venom
Max Hit33
Combat StatsAttackStrengthDefenseMagicRanged
Defensive StatsStabSlashCrushMagicRanged

The Fight Breakdown

There are at least three phases to the Great Olm fight. The number of phases, however, will increase as your party becomes larger. If you are fighting Olm solo, then you are in luck. By consistently avoiding the direction of Olm’s head and general gaze, you will be able to keep Olm from performing his attacks.

The goal of the fight is to disable Olm’s arms. Do not attack his head, as is receives an Autohealing ability throughout the fight. First, focus on the boss’ right arm. Then, destroy the left arm. The left arm will receive an Autohealing ability during a certain portion of the fight as well.

During the penultimate phase, the Great Olm will fully regenerate his arms if you do not disable them fast enough. This timer will begin once a single arm has been disabled. Consequently, you will have to disable both arms in quick succession. Destroying both arms will initiate the final phase of the boss fight.

Tips and Tricks to Defeating the Great Olm

In order to complete this raid, you are going to want to equip some top-notch void armor so that you can boost your attacks. Many of these raid bosses have quite high defense levels. It is also suggested that you have at least 78 herblore, 55 farming and 70 prayer. You will also want at least a single party member to have 99 levels in mining, wood cutting and 30 construction.

You will also need Super Combat Potions, Ranging Potions, Stamina Potions and a hefty supply of high quality food. Outside of that, simply try to memorize the attack moves and attack phases listed above. Being prepared for what is to come will allow you to react to certain attacks more quickly, making this paramount for your success.

What Are the Chambers of Xeric Rewards?

Player rewards for the Chambers of Xerath raid is based on participation points. The more points a team earns, the higher chance that team has of earning unique and powerful items. A player will, however, lose 40% of their points each time they die during the raid.

There are three basic ways to earn points. Defeating monsters earns players points. Completing a puzzle room earns players points. Lastly, performing shortcuts in large ruin chambers will earn players points.

The value of drops from each raid has been worked out to be roughly the equivalent of your total points times eight gold coins. Consequently, you may randomly be rewarded your Point Total X 8 worth of a random item. The maximum number of points each player can achieve from the raid is a little over 130,000. This works out to each player being capable of earning roughly 3,160,300 gold worth of loot per hour. That being said, your total earnings will vary based on your skill, speed and luck.

If a unique item drops after the final boss is defeated, then players can earn one of a selection of items. A list of the items can be viewed below. Players competing within the challenge mode will earn metamorphic dust as well, while first time raiders will earn the Dark Journal.

  • Dexterous prayer scroll
  • Arcane prayer scroll
  • Dragon sword
  • Dragon harpoon
  • Dragon thrownaxe x100
  • Twisted buckler
  • Dragon hunter crossbow
  • Dinh’s bulwark
  • Ancestral hat
  • Ancestral robe top
  • Ancestral robe bottom
  • Dragon claws
  • Elder maul
  • Kodai insignia
  • Twisted bow

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