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How to Unlock All Achievements in Yuppie Psycho

Want to get all of the achievements in Yuppie Psycho? Check out our guide down below.

Yuppie Psycho has garnered a passionate following on steam. Consequently, packs of players are now taking to their computers to boot up this wonderful title. While the game is quite new player friendly, many players still want to make the most out of their Yuppie Psycho experience. With that in mind, we have concocted a quick guide to earning all of the achievements in Yuppie Psycho for all the completionists out there.

  1. Deal with the Devil: You will need to sign the Sintracorp contract at the desk on the 10th floor. This action is required to further the game’s narrative.
  2. Photocopied Soul: You will need to save after meeting Mr. Hugo. This task is required to further the game’s narrative.
  3. Welcome to Sintracorp: Find your ID card and use it to access the old computer near the photocopy machine. This task is required to further the game’s narrative.
  4. The Hammer of Witches: Go to the library and complete all of the puzzles. Take the book from the mummy to earn the achievement. This task is necessary to further the game’s narrative.
  5. Family Plot: You will eventually need to chase down an employee using a paper voodoo figure. Persuade the employee to wall mouth for the achievement. This task is necessary to further the game’s narrative.
  6. Employee of the Month: Defeat the Dot Matrix boss, then turn the nearby red valve and start making your way to the elevator. After completing the ensuing cutscene, you will unlock the achievement. This task is necessary to further the game’s narrative.
  7. The Key: Travel to R. Corvo’s version of Sintranet with the card. Allow the snake Sintra to touch you in order to reveal the code for the elevator. Discover the hidden floor, enter the room and obtain the nearby key to unlock the achievement. This task is necessary to further the game’s narrative.
  8. She Found the Witch: Help set up Mr. Hugo’s birthday party to unlock this achievement. This task is necessary to further the game’s narrative.
  9. Back to Work: Go back to your office following the birthday party. This task is necessary to further the game’s narrative.
  10. Head of the Company: Retrieve the devil suit from the canteen. Make your way to floor nine and then use the suit in front of the museum door. Solve the ensuing museum puzzle and then take the head to the back room on floor three. This task is necessary to further the game’s narrative.
  11. Motivational Meeting: Pass Col. Dumont’s test without making a single mistake. During the motivational meeting, choose the following options in this order – I’m the lowest of the low! I’m garbage! The best! The best of the best! With my work! With my blood!
  12. Junkman: Give Doshi a robotic part and then open the box within the crow’s nest.
  13. Be Kind, Rewind: Watch the first nine videos within the library media center. Save Ms. Sosa in order to gain the tenth video from the underwater area. After that, talk to Ms. Sosa within the lobby to unlock the achievement.
  14. Break the Curse: You will need the bells you obtained from Rei’s coffin. Climb up the back of the snake and then make your way up the nearby ledge. Ring the bells in order to unlock the achievement. This task is necessary to further the game’s narrative.
  15. Sweet Child o’ Mine: After visiting the Sintranet a few times, you will discover Sintra using a swing. Interact with the swing to earn the achievement.
  16. Crow’s Nest: After the Dot Matrix fight, close the nearby gas valve or use your poison gas contract to reach the necessary area. Take the elevator on the fourth floor and continue moving left.
  17. Ink Thirst: You will need the ink cartridge. When grabbed by the Dot Matrix boss, use the ink cartridge.
  18. Shortcut: Place the boxes at the vent in office E on floor five. Box number one can be found in the library near the blood spider drawing. Box number two can be purchased from Mappy on floor five. Box number three can be found in the rightward middle section of the Dot Matrix arena. The final box can be found near the altar on floor five.
  19. Cat’s Out of the Bag: After you ask Mr. Hugo about your ID card, he will enter the boss’ room. Search the desk nearby for cat food. Take the cat food media room hallway and fill the nearby bowls with the food.
  20. Promotion: Talk to Mr. Chapman and tell him you will take the promotion test. When you see the boxheads cross diagonally, dodge them. When the boxeads cross horizontally, press the action when next to them. After doing this five times before the timer runs out, you will earn the achievement.
  21. Vapor Pool: After your sixth visit with Sintra following the checking of the cemetery gate, the area to the Sintra pool will now be open. Enter the area to earn the achievement.
  22. Corrupt: After unlocking the vapor pool, make your way to the bottom right of the area and take the nearby cocktail. Use the cocktail on the blank canvas within the Sintra Library and enter the revealed room.
  23. Blessed Apparition: Light all three of the altars before entering the Sintra Family Moseleum. A.M. will then appear after Rei’s coffin is opened.
  24. Voice: Find the cassette within the box near the large hole that you and the Dot Matrix boss fall into. Reset the cubicle button at the beginning of the nearby maze after ensuring that all of the connected cubicles are in their lowest positions.
  25. Mr. Devil: Take a soul photocopy paper to the restroom mirror on floor five.
  26. Athame: You will need two batteries. Take the stairs to the tenth floor. Make sure the knife is on the CEO’s desk, then place the batteries in the remote and hide under the nearby desk. After Mr. Hugo begins bouncing around, turn the television on. Take the knife and escape to earn the achievement.
  27. Witch’s Son: Find five white snakes during the end game underwater sequence. Let them bite you. After losing one sense, go into the nearby elevator and out again. This will reset the sequence. Continue this process four more times.

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