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How to Unlock Cheats in Rage 2

Who's ready for a little cheating?

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Id Software has done it again. On Tuesday, May 14, the team published the hit first-person shooter Rage 2. The game has received mixed reviews from critics, but has garnered a following of fans none the less. One fascinating thing Id Software added to this fun game is the ability to cheat. To that end, let’s talk about how you can take advantage of this interesting feature.

Where to Find the Wasteland Wizard

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In order to unlock cheats in Rage 2, you are going to have to track down the wasteland wizard known as Mangoo the Unborn. The trick here, however, is that Mangoo does not seem to stay in any one place for too long.

Mangoo is a vendor in Rage 2. The merchant’s wares just so happen to be cheat codes. However, the vendor moves from place to place. You will be able to spot him based on his home, which is a small stall tethered to a group of hot air balloons. The vendor can be seen within the illustration provided above.

Multiple sources have reported Mangoo appearing in a number of places. Consequently, you are going to have to scope out the map if you hope to find him. The vendor will not appear on your map until you are within his vicinity, in which case a hut looking icon will appear.

Here are some locations that many players have reported seeing the vendor:

  • Just southeast of the Broken Tract
  • Just northeast of the Lost Prospects
  • Just west of the Great Crack Ark

The best way to scout for Mangoo is to fly around in the Icarus gyrocopter and to look out for the large balloons on his vendor stall. It is also important to note that you will already have some interesting cheats if you pre-ordered Rage 2.

Here Are the Cheats

There are eleven different cheats in Rage 2, each providing a fun and unique addition to your gameplay, That being said, none of them are free. You will have to pay for them from Mangoo. It is also important to note that activating any of the cheats other than “He’s on Fire” or “Diamond Geezer” will disable trophies.

He’s on FireCommentator Tim Kitzrow¬†will now comment on everything you do.
Diamond GeezerDanny Dyer will now narrate your gameplay.
Git GudAll enemies will now die in a single hit.
Son of ThorYou are now electrified. When enemies get too close, they will experience a shocking touch.
Klegg SupportKlegg Clayton will now support you in combat.
Phoenix Rejector SeatWhen you use your vehicle eject, your car will now fly.
Progress BoosterFor the next four hours, you will collect twice as much Feltrite.
Super PhoenixYour phoenix is now even stronger.
Super OverdriveYour overdrive is now more powerful.
Super WingstickYou now have unlimited, returning wingsticks.
Red Barrel RainExplosive red barrels now rain from the sky.

Here’s How to Activate Cheats

While tracking down the cheat selling vendor is a bit of a hassle, activating cheats in Rage 2 is quite easy and straightforward. Once you have purchased your cheats, simply pause the game and make your way to the “Settings” screen.

From there, go to “Cheats.” You will now be able to disable and enable your available cheats.

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