Limbus Company Story Explained

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Limbus Company is a gacha mobile game entry into the world Project Moon has developed. The story is canon and occurs within the world of Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Ruina, but isn’t a direct sequel to either of the previous games. We’ll go through the story, including the background on the manager, sinners and the overall plot. There will be no spoilers for Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Ruina, beyond what is shared in Limbus Company.

Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Ruina

Limbus Company fits in as a side story to the world Project Moon has created. Some very quick backstory. There is Lobotomy Corporation (LC) and Library of Ruina (LR), which are two games that are back to back sequel. To understand the games, you first have to understand the world.

The World of Project Moon

There is “the city” which has 25 sectors, each corresponding to a letter (minus Z). Each letter is a mega-corporation that controls their sector. Between the sectors is the “backstreets” where everyone who doesn’t get to live in the utopia of a wing lives. The mega corporations all control a “singularity” which is some kind of miracle / super technology that they sell to their residents and to other wings.

District 12, L Corp, was and is technically home to Lobotomy Corporation. Lobotomy Corporation was a “eco-friendly” power generator that created enkephalin. Enkephalin is both a powerful power source and addictive drug. L Corp, close to its original goals, fell and the entire district was plunged into array.

That’s where LR picks up. A massive tower, containing a library, rose from the ashes of L Corp. It became a Star of the City (a term used to classify threats in the city) and then fell when the “Head” teleported it outside of the city.

Abnormalities and Limbus Company

L Corp experimented with abnormalities. These abnormalities were the source of the energy from the L Corp game. As a matter of a fact, the entire LC game was to collect enough energy each day to continue to the next. There was a quota to fill after all. That is where the abnormalities come from in Limbus Company.

The Branch Offices and the Fall of L Corp

The goal in Limbus Company is for the Manager to acquire the golden boughs, effectively part of the stored mega energy that was at L Corp. To do so, he has the cast of sinners with him to enter into various branch offices of the fallen L Corp and uncover the golden bough. To note, these offices can exist everywhere from the backstreets to inside wings themselves.

The Manager

The manager is Dante, a reference to Dante’s Inferno. They have a clock for a head, amnesia and the inability to communicate with anyone but the sinners. Dante is found being hunted, where Limbus Company shows up in their bus, Mephistopheles, and assists Dante. Dante then finds he has the power to revive the sinners.

The question of Dante’s identity is one for later in the game, however, the best speculation right now is that it’s a character from the webcomic Leviathan (on Postype). Likely Garnet. Some speculate it’s A (or Ayin) from L Corp, but that’s doubtful. They were a “big-wig” in the past, so they are likely someone important.

The Sinners

There are 12 sinners, each with their own unique backstory. Many sinners have personalities similar to LC/LR characters; however they are their OWN characters in this world. They’re all named and themed after famous books. The biggest sinner of note is Faust, who acts very much similar to Angela but, as of this time, is not Angela. Dante can revive any of the sinners, which is useful in a tough world like The City.

The Overall Plot of Limbus Company

So the bus rolls up, saves Dante and then Vergilius (from the webcomic) begins bossing everyone around. There’s no real backstory given to why all of the sinners joined up with the company so far, however, there is likely good reason for each. Introductions are done and the bus heads off for the first L Corp facility.

Chapter 1 (Gregor) is the first L Corp facility. It deals with the aftermath of L Corp collapsing, what happened to the employees and introduces Yuri. The group confronts the final abnormality and has the golden bough stolen from them.

Chapter 2 (Rodion) is when they visit the casino in J Corp, which is known for locks (and wishes). Here they defeat the Tingting Gang in order to enter the casino as the gang itself (and also come across their wish card). They reach the top floor where they play for the game and Rodion wins, even without the wish applied (through sheer force of will). The group takes the elevator down to the basement, where odd robot abnormalities and miners fight the group. At the end, Rodion connects with an old friend (Sonya) and it’s an overall cheery chapter.

limbus company sonya

Chapter 3 (Sinclair) starts with the group trying to enter into K Corp’s wing, which has a healing singularity (that makes healing bullets). The group commits a taboo and then runs across N Corp which has seized a K Corp area.

The ultimate goal of Limbus Company is unknown. It’s unknown as well why Faust built the bus and is helping.

Alternate World Identities and Limbus Company

The “gacha” element is that Dante can pull another dimensional sinner in, where they’re “more powerful.” This isn’t always the case, base versions of characters can be just as powerful as two star and three star identities. Story-wise, the idea is that there’s a dimension where each sinner is more notable, powerful, etc. Dante can summon that identity and replace them in battle; leveraging a more powerful character from another dimension.

This storyline is more explored in the mirror dungeons (unlocked after Canto II / Chapter 2). Where you basically are constantly introduced to mirrors of other realities, etc.

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