Lost Ember Spoiler Free Tips

In this guide we’re going to walk you through some spoiler free tips on how to deal with Lost Ember, a “walking simulator” that has you moving through an abandoned world uncovering the story of a soul who can’t move on and a wolf that can transfer itself into other critters. You’ll gain throughout the story to the freedom to fly through the skies and take into the water and other freedoms as you uncover the story bit by bit.

  • To move forward past the barrier, you must find all of the flares. Once you’ve found a flare, if there are additional flares to uncover you can use your right mouse button to track them down. As you advance in the story you’ll have to combine different critters to get to different spots.
  • Sometimes the flares are underwater. In Chapter 4 for instance, you’ll find one of them underwater.
  • You can return to wolf form at anytime by pressing E. This is the fastest way to move across land outside of flying.
  • The game is very similar to Flower and Journey in the sense that there isn’t any combat or difficult puzzles. Everything can be solved by becoming an available animal that’s near to the task.
  • You can use the call spirit command for some basic tips on where to go. Again look for the flares. They usually show up a long distance away. In some areas, you just need to follow the “different color paths.”
  • The fish segments sometimes require you to find holes to slide through. The wombat segments sometimes require you to find burrows to roll through. Follow the pattern with other animals. If you see a grate and fish, there is a good chance you’d need the fish to get through. If there are long river segments and a bird to transition into, then the bird would be the word.
  • There is a lot of hidden content, so feel free to take your time and explore, but the overall main story is linear. When you break a barrier, to advance the story, move forward.

Hopefully these tips help if you’re stuck somewhere. The game does a very good job of “holding your hand” so you’re more or less always given the solution to a puzzle. Don’t try to overthink anything and look at your surroundings. You’re often taught what to do when you discover a new animal, just remember that moving forward.

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