Obtaining Discovery Phasers Easily in Star Trek Online

Discovery Phasers have been around awhile and have a really cool effect in Star Trek Online, coming from Star Trek: Discovery. Obtaining them can be quite expensive, but there’s a cheap and easy workaround that doesn’t require an absolute ton of grinding. This is especially true for newer characters who enjoy the look of the phasers but don’t want to pay the auction house prices.

Discovery Phasers: From Missions

You can do the “Downfall” mission which can drop the phasers. It’s going to take a bit to get them all but doesn’t require anything but running the mission itself. Not the best option for newer players but it’s easy and quick and gets you the phasers.

Use the Shared Bank

Make a Discovery Character and continue until you reach “Go to Priors World.” Have another character put energy credits (we have a guide to farming EC if you need help) and go to Equipment Vendor and buy the phasers there. Place them in your storage and any other character can now grab them.

You can then take a Phoenix Pack, bought with Dilithium, and use the upgrade token to take the item to MK X when you’re ready.

Just Make a Discovery Character

The final method is just to make a Discovery Character and play it, farming the missions in the tutorial zones until you have enough and are happy. Then return to the “current STO time” by finishing everything out.

While not the most efficient, it’s the most straight forward way to obtain Discovery Phasers.

The Original Series

The same way works for The Original Series characters. TOS Phasers can be acquired in the TOS starter area, but once you leave it, you can’t return. Likewise you can do the same with bank trick at Earth Space Dock (past era).

The Tier 1 Constitution class also comes with them!

When starting a new character, feel free to check out our gearing up a new player’s ship guide to see how to gear yourself up as you play.

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