Title: Hero of the Trojan War

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Warrior

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B+

Pros: High Single Target Damage, High Mobility

Achilles Guide

Achilles should almost always go solo lane. He has great sustain with his 3 and passive, allowing him to trade efficiently with most other solo laners. Focus on clearing the minion wave as quickly as possible while also poking the enemy solo laner whenever the opportunity presents itself. Look for kill potential once you reach level 5 and obtain your ultimate ability.

Achilles adapts well to many team compositions. As a warrior, he provides frontline pressure and initiation for your team. I recommend building him with a balanced bruiser build, including items such as Warrior Tabi, Gladiator’s Shield, and Void Shield. You want to be durable enough to dive into the backline of the enemy team, but still output substantial damage. If your team requires a primary tank, you can build additional protection items. However, if your team needs more damage, you can swap Void Shield for an offensive item such as Crusher or Brawler’s Beat Stick.

Achilles’s combination of abilities revolves around hitting his 1, then following up with Basic Attacks to accumulate stacks of his passive, using his 3 for a stun and heal. His ultimate is excellent for avoiding damage, engaging in teamfights, or chasing down enemy players with low health. In teamfights, look for opportunities to use Blink Rune or sprint into the fight with your 1 and ultimate, attempting to damage as many enemy players as possible. Then proceed to create chaos on the battlefield by continuing to Basic Attack whoever is closest to you. Your Basic Attacks hit very hard, so keep spamming left-click on any target within your range.

Your primary role is as an initiator and setup to assist your damage dealers in eliminating priority targets. Look for chances to Blink or Charge in with your 1 and ultimate to disrupt the enemy team. Stun high-value targets using your 3 so your damage dealers can explode them. Peel for your backline with your 1 and 2 if required. Call out to your team which enemy players you intend to focus so you can coordinate attacks.

Achilles’s passive provides power and protections for each stack. You want to keep your passive fully stacked during teamfights. Hitting enemy gods with abilities and Basic Attacks accumulates stacks up to 3 times. His 1 is a line attack that damages and slows enemies. His 2 is a cone attack that deals damage. His 3 is an area of effect stun that also heals Achilles. His ultimate makes him crowd control and damage immune, increasing his movement speed. You can use it to avoid damage or chase down fleeing enemies.

Overall, Achilles rewards an aggressive playstyle. Look for opportunities to initiate fights, stun vital targets, and brawl. Build him with a hybrid of damage and durability to maximize his damage output and survival. Achilles adapts well to nearly any team composition, so adjust your build to suit your team’s needs. Stacking your passive, executing your combination of abilities properly, and coordinating with your team are crucial to mastering this god. With practice, you’ll be reigning over the battleground and securing victory for your team.

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