Title: God of Fire

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: A+

Pros: High Area Damage

Agni Guide

Agni, the God of Fire, is a powerhouse mage in SMITE with a versatile kit that provides burst damage, crowd control, and zoning potential. Mastering Agni is key to dominating mid lane and controlling team fights.

In the laning phase, focus on safe farming and harassing the enemy mid laner. Agni’s Flame Wave has great clear, allowing you to push waves quickly and gain lane pressure. Poke enemies with Rain of Fire or stun them with your Noxious Fumes and Flame Wave combo before following up with basic attacks. At level 5, Path of Flames comes online, giving you a major power spike. Look for opportunities to stun squishy enemies and unleash your full combo to get early kills. Build up a lead and snowball hard.

Agni excels in the mid lane, where he can safely farm to late game. However, he also works as an aggressive magical carry in duo lane. Agni adapts to most team comps thanks to his flexibility. The only comps he may struggle in are ones with limited frontline, as he requires peel to deal damage. In mid, build damage and cooldown, focusing on maxing your 2 for clear and poke. In duo, you can build more hybrid with items like Gem of Isolation for extra CC.

To master Agni, practice the quick 1-2 combo of Noxious Fumes into Flame Wave. This stun combo is your bread and butter for trading in lane and setting up kills. Use Path of Flames not just for damage but also escaping ganks or chasing down kills. Place Rain of Fire around objectives, in jungle paths, or in chokepoints to zone enemies and force poor positioning.

In team fights, your goal is dealing massive damage. Look to stun multiple enemies with your 1-2 combo before dashing in, then drop Rain of Fire and unleash the rest of your abilities. Burn enemies and provide zoning/CC for your team. Late game, defend your carries and burst down enemy squishies. Constantly clear lanes and get farm so you hit maximum build. Control objectives, place deep wards, and catch enemies out with your stun.

Common shorthand: Agni dash (3), Agni stun (1-2), Agni ult (4), Agni burst (full combo). Mastering these tools allows you to dominate team fights and control the pace of the game. Mid to late game, a single stun combo from Agni can decide a crucial team fight.

Agni may seem an unconventional jungler, but his versatile kit provides opportunities for successful ganks and controlling the jungle. Agni’s burst, CC, and zoning give him strong gank potential, while his mobility allows him to efficiently farm jungle camps.

For builds, focus on cooldown reduction, penetration, and damage. Items like Spear of the Magus, Chronos’ Pendant, and Soul Reaver work well. You want to maximize your ability to unleash combo after combo. Also build Bumba’s Mask and potions for jungle sustain.

Early on, focus on clearing buff camps and getting to level 5 quickly. Your goal is ganking duo or mid lane at level 5 with your ultimate Path of Flames. Look for opportunities to stun enemies with Noxious Fumes, then drop your ultimate on them. Follow up with Flame Wave and basics to secure kills. With successful ganks, you can snowball and gain map control.

Control objectives by placing Rain of Fire around Gold Fury/Fire Giant pits. This deters enemies from contesting and allows your team to burn them down. Secure your own buffs and contest enemy buffs using your 1-2 stun combo to invade. Provide vision in the jungle with regular warding.

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