Ah Puch

Ah Puch

Title: Horrific God of Decay

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: C+

Pros: High Area Damage

Ah Puch Guide

Ah Puch reigns supreme in mid lane. Focus on stacking your passive and clearing waves efficiently. Your 1 deals considerable damage, utilize it on waves and the enemy mid laner. Harass them until you gain an advantage at level 5 when your combo unlocks. Stack your passive diligently, it provides mana regeneration and power, essential for early dominance.

Ah Puch operates best in mid and can work in solo lane. Mid lane is ideal, in solo lane build hybrid defenses. In mid, construct full damage build with Spear of the Magus, reducing protections, and Rod of Tahuti. Cooldown reduction and lifesteal are also beneficial, Chronos Pendant and Bancroft’s Talon are superb.

When contesting objectives like the Gold Fury, zone adversaries with your 1, 3 and ultimate. Your 1 and 3 deal devastating area damage, forcing enemies to retreat or suffer damage. Drop your 3 on objectives to secure or pilfer them!

In team fights, your role is dealing catastrophic damage. Drop your 3 and 1 on squishy targets then ultimate to finish them. Your 2 provides a slow and damage over time, utilize it on fleeing enemies.

Your 1 hits forcefully but is easy to evade. Predict enemy movement or CC them first. Your ultimate locks you in place, requiring excellent positioning. Blink in, drop 3, 1 and ultimate for massive burst then escape with your 2.

Your 3 and 1 fusion obliterates squishy enemies inside. Target mages, hunters and assassins with this combination to vanquish them. Your 2 adds a useful slow and damage over time, deploy aggressively on enemies trying to ambush you.

Construct a full damage build to maximize your burst damage and scaling. Spear of the Magus, Book of Thoth and Rod of Tahuti make your abilities strike incredibly hard. Be extremely cautious with positioning since you lack defenses.

When mastered, Ah Puch dominates team fights. A well-placed 3-1 fusion will force enemies to utilize relics and ultimates, benefitting your team. Look to initiate every team fight with this combination on a priority target. Your ultimate locks on to all enemies in the radius so affect as many as possible!


Perfect the 3-1 combination, it’s integral to your success.

Drop your 2 on enemies after the 3-1, the slow and damage over time contribute damage.

Your 1 is easy to lead, aim where the enemy is heading, not their current position.

Blink past frontliners and drop your 3 and ultimate, your team will overcome the fight.

Cooldown reduction maxes at 40%, build just enough. Focus the rest into power and penetration.

In solo lane, harass the enemy out and freeze the wave near your tower. Only last hit so you outlevel them and gain an advantage.

Build Warlock’s Staff, the health and power synergize flawlessly with Ah Puch.

Your ultimate hits intensely, using it for a single kill is sometimes worthwhile. Look for any chance to drop it on an enemy.

With practice, Ah Puch reigns in ranked and competitive play. Unleash death upon your enemies and watch them succumb! The power of decay triumphs all!

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