Title: Slayer of Enemies

Type: Ranged, Physical

Roles: Hunter

On Free Rotation: Yes

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: C+

Pros: High Single Target Damage

Anhur Guide

Anhur should go to the duo lane as the hunter. Focus on clearing the minion wave efficiently while also poking the enemy duo laners with your Impale and Basic Attacks. Impale deals damage and knocks back enemies, allowing your support to secure kills. Look for early kill opportunities once you reach level 2 or 5 and obtain your ultimate ability, Desert Fury.

Anhur synergizes well with aggressive supports who can lock down kills, such as Ares, Xing Tian or Ymir. He can also work with healers like Hel or Sylvanus since he lacks innate sustain. You will typically want to build Anhur like a standard hunter, with items such as Devourer’s Gauntlet, Ninja Tabi, and Executioner. However, if the enemy team has healers, purchase Brawler’s Beat Stick. If they are tanky, consider Qin’s Sais. Anhur adapts to most team compositions, so build penetration and lifesteal to maximize your damage output and survivability.

Your combination of abilities involves knocking enemies airborne with Desert Fury or Impale, then unloading Basic Attacks and Shifting Sands. Shifting Sands lowers enemy protections within its area of effect, so try to fight within it. Save your Impale to finish off low-health enemies or interrupt important enemy abilities. In teamfights, remain on the outskirts of the fight and attack any enemies within your range. Look for opportunities to use your ultimate on squishy enemies, knocking them into your Shifting Sands where you have a significant damage advantage.

Your primary role is high damage. Focus the enemy damage dealers and squishy targets. Work with your support to secure kills during the laning phase and teamfights. Peel for your mid laner using Impale if necessary. Place Shifting Sands in the jungle to gain vision and catch enemies out of position. Call out targets you intend to focus so your team can coordinate attacks. Push objectives like towers, the Gold Fury, and Fire Giant when you have a numbers advantage.

Anhur’s passive provides him with additional damage after using an ability. His 1, Impale, deals damage and knocks back enemies. His 2, Shifting Sands, creates an area in which enemies take increased damage. His 3, Disperse, slows enemies in an area of effect. His ultimate, Desert Fury, knocks up and damages enemies. Use abilities to activate your passive, then proceed to deal substantial damage with Basic Attacks. Impale sets up kills by knocking enemies toward your team. Shifting Sands provides you with a damage advantage within its radius. Coordinate with your team to use Desert Fury on groups of enemies for massive damage and crowd control.

Anhur overpowers opponents with continual poke damage and control. Work with your support to secure early kills. Build penetration and lifesteal, tailoring your items to counter the enemy team composition. Focus on utilizing Shifting Sands and Impale to set up kills for your team. Anhur functions well in most team comps, so adjust your positioning and build as needed. Perfect the execution of landing your combinations and collaborating with your support to maximize Anhur’s potential.

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