Title: God of the Dead

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: C+

Pros: High Area Damage

Anubis Guide

Anubis is a mage that excels in the mid lane. His strong clear and sustain allow him to pressure opponents early. In the laning phase, focus on clearing the wave fast with your Plague of Locusts (locusts) and Death Gaze (laser) while poking the enemy mid and support. Anubis’s high damage combo of locusts into laser can chunk enemies hard, so try to land it whenever possible. Always have your Mummify (wrap) ready in case of ganks.

Anubis works best in mid, but can flex to solo or even support. In mid, Anubis pairs well with aggressive junglers who can set up kills with his burst damage. In solo, Anubis can bully some matchups, but may struggle vs sustain-heavy warriors. As support, Anubis brings kill potential to the lane but lacks peel, so pair him with a mobile hunter. Build Anubis with power, pen, and lifesteal. His passive gives him extra lifesteal, so items like Bancroft’s Talon and Typhon’s Fang are great on him.

In team fights, your role is burst damage. Look for opportunities to hit multiple enemies with your locusts and laser for huge damage. Place your Grasping Hands (hands) circle on enemies to lock them down so your team can secure kills. Your ult, Death Gaze, can melt objectives like Gold Fury or Fire Giant, so use it whenever these are being contested.

Always be casting as Anubis – his low cooldowns and stacking passive mean you want to use abilities often. Weave basics in between casts to make the most of his passive. His hands provide vision in a circle and cripple enemies, so place it behind walls or in the jungle to scout objectives or catch out enemies. Your ult may root you in place, but does insane damage if channeled fully. Only use it if you know you won’t be interrupted or focused.

In team fights, focus the enemy damage dealers and squishies. Your hands can isolate a single target for your team to burst down. Kite around the edge of fights using your hands and wraps while casting abilities. Only dive into the heart of the fight if most enemy CC and burst is down. Your ult leaves you very vulnerable, so try to cast it from maximum range. Avoid using it if many enemies can dive on you easily.

As a mid laner, farm efficiently and rotate to team fights and objectives as needed. Secure mid harpies and oracle harpies (oracles) whenever possible to keep up in XP and gold. Rotate with your jungler to gank side lanes and secure kills. In the late game, group up with your team to take objectives or push lanes. Use your damage to burst down single targets in fights or burn objectives. Stay near your support so they can peel for you if enemies dive.

Communication with your team is key. Call out when your ult is about to come online so your team can group up to take objectives. Tell your support if enemies are rotating to gank you. Warn allies when you are ready to dive in so they can follow up. Let your solo laner know if you are rotating over to gank. Time objectives and type to coordinate taking them. Anubis relies on his team to function, so working together is how you find success with him.

Anubis can work in Joust, but struggles in Arena. In Joust, focus on clearing the wave and poking enemies. Control the center of the map and use skillshots to zone your opponents. Your combo coupled with jungle camps and blue buff let you pressure a single lane hard. In Arena, Anubis lacks mobility so can be an easy target. Focus more on controlling team fight space with your abilities while staying near allies who can peel for you. Build full power and penetration to burst down enemies. Your ult secures kills on enemies fleeing into their base.

In all modes, Anubis is a burst mage focused on controlling space and objectives. Work with your team and make callouts to get the most from Anubis. Weave basics between casting, build power and lifesteal, stay near peel and focus on bursting priority targets. Master Anubis’s abilities and you’ll dominate opponents across the battleground.

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