Ao Kuang

Ao Kuang

Title: Dragon King of the Eastern Seas

Type: Melee, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: S

Pros: High Single Target Damage

Ao Kuang Guide

Ao Kuang excels in the mid lane during the laning phase. Focus on clearing minion waves swiftly with your 1 and 3 abilities while harassing the enemy mid laner with your 2. When they’re around half health, look for an opportunity to ult them for an easy kill. Your passive stacks plus Soul Reaver will damage them heavily. Early game, prioritize stacking your passive on enemy gods when possible since the flat pen and power spike will allow you to assert serious pressure on the map.

In team compositions, I like to play Ao in the mid lane, but he can work in solo or jungle too. Mid Kuang pairs great with crowd control setup from a support or jungler. Look for characters like Athena, Kumbhakarna or Serqet who can immobilize enemies for your dragons or ult. When playing from behind look for picks with your ult to get your team back in the game. From ahead, invade enemy buffs and objectives as a group. Your burst and secure potential will deter the enemy team from contesting.

For abilities, your 1+3 combo is your primary clear and damage. Hit the wave with your 1, then 3 through the melee and archers. Your 2 has a long range and slow, use it to check objectives, poke enemies from a distance or set up your 1. Your ult is great for executes, but don’t hesitate to use it aggressively to one-shot squishy enemies, especially once you have Soul Reaver. Blink is key on Ao Kuang for getting in range to ult enemies and catching them by surprise. Purification Beads are also important for escaping difficult situations.

Your role as Ao Kuang is to deal massive damage to priority targets, burst objectives and utilize your ult to swing team fights in your favor. Look for opportunities to dive the backline and take out the enemy mid laner or ADC, then get out using your 3 or Blink. During objectives like Gold Fury or Fire Giant, your secure with your 1+3 combo is one of the best in the game. Don’t be afraid to start these objectives to force the enemy team to contest into you and your team. Late game your damage potential will often force enemies to focus you, so be prepared to juke with your 2, Purification Beads and Blink. If ahead, demand resources from your team to control the map. From behind play safe, farm and look for picks.

Overall, Ao Kuang takes practice to master, but has a high skill ceiling and snowball potential. Seize control of your lane, rotate effectively, minimize deaths and maximize your damage and ult executes. Pursue these tactics and you’ll be eliminating enemies and decisively carrying as the Dragon King in no time! With over 1100 worshippers and countless competitive games on Ao Kuang, I’ve experimented with various builds and playstyles to determine how to most effectively impact the game at all stages. My goal is to share this extensive experience by providing an in-depth guide to dominating with the Dragon King. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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