Title: Goddess of Beauty

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: C

Pros: High Sustain

Aphrodite Guide

Aphrodite is a powerhouse utility mage in the right hands. In the duo lane, focus on harassing the enemy with Doves while keeping your carry healthy. Doves hits twice, so throw it when enemies are lined up for maximum effectiveness. Build cooldown reduction immediately so you can cast spells frequently.

For position, support or mid are ideal. As support, you enable your carry to outfarm and outharass opponents. In mid, quickly rotate to duo lane for ganks. Aphrodite struggles in solo lane against common warriors and guardians. Jungle Aphrodite lacks reliable gank setup or objective secure, avoid if possible.

In teamfights, enable allies and disable enemies. Link frontliners or damage dealers, then ult them if focused. This makes them nearly unkillable for seconds. While linked, allies gain speed, healing, and doves. Peel for damage dealers with Heavenly Affection’s knockback and slow.

For objectives like Gold Fury or Fire Giant, use doves to check for hidden enemies. Link your jungler or tank so they have sustain to tank objectives. Your ultimate can save someone from an objective’s damage burst. Look for a clutch Heavenly Affection to knock up enemies and secure your escape.

Your role is a utility mage. Enable teammates through healing, speed, and crowd control. Linking correctly is key – link frontliners when engaging, then switch to damage dealers mid-fight. Your ultimate saves low-health allies, secures objectives, or baits enemies into bad fights. Communicate with your link target to maximize synergy.

With cooldown reduction and mana, Aphrodite has early pressure but falls off late game. End quickly by controlling objectives and pushing towers with your link target. In teamfights, focus on peeling, enabling, and countering engages. A well-timed ultimate or knockup can turn a losing fight into a win. Stay alive – your abilities rely on your presence.

Aphrodite takes practice but is a strong pick for climbing rank or competition. Early on, play safe until level five when you have all abilities. Max doves first for damage and slow, then kiss for lower cooldown. Build cooldown reduction, then mana and health. Rod of Asclepius, Chronos’ Pendant, and Spear of the Magus provide cooldown, damage, and utility.

Linking the right allies is key. Tanks or bruisers are good for engaging, then switch to damage dealers in fights. Your ultimate saves teammates from death. Time it right to avoid wasted cooldowns.

Practice skill combos like doves into kiss for a quick burst, or kiss into knockup for peel. You can also doves into your ultimate if an ally is focused, granting both damage immunity and movement speed to quickly reposition.

In duo lane, balance harassment and sustain. Doves on cooldown whenever possible, but avoid spamming heals and draining your mana. Once you have ultimate, bait enemies into attacking your link target then ult them for an easy first blood.

Mid to late game, roam with your link target and control objectives or gank side lanes. Ward frequently to avoid getting collapsed on. In teamfights, your goals are: enable damage dealers through healing, speed, and peel; disable enemy carries or mages with your knockup; and save allies with a well-timed ultimate.

Stay in the backline and keep your distance. While your abilities have range, you are still squishy. Don’t sacrifice yourself for an ally as your abilities require you to stay alive. With the right build and some practice, you will be dominating battlefields as this deceptively complex goddess.

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