Title: the Weaver

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Assassin

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: C+

Pros: High Single Target Damage, Great Jungler

Arachne Guide

Arachne is a beast in the early game and excels at getting ahead of the enemy jungler. She should solo the speed buff at the start and look to invade the enemy red or blue buff after. Arachne’s broodlings can tank jungle camps while she focuses the big creep, allowing her to clear fast. Look for ganks right after clearing your speed buff or after an invade. Arachne’s ultimate, Cocoon, and web combo CC chain is deadly early on.

Arachne works best in the jungle role but can flex to solo lane. In the jungle, she pairs well with high damage gods that can follow up on her CC and pick potential. Mid laners like Agni, Zeus and He Bo synergize great with Arachne. For duo lane, high pressure hunters like Anhur, Medusa or Neith will allow Arachne to gank often. In solo, Arachne can bully most warriors and guardians early but may struggle into ranged matchups. Build CDR boots, The Crusher, Hydra’s Lament, Magi’s Cloak, and Mantle of Discord. The CDR and power help her spam abilities and secure kills. Magi’s and Mantle provide protection for her to dive in teamfights.

To utilize Arachne’s kit, open with Cocoon to lockdown a target, drop your web on them and spam basic attacks. The slow from web lets you constantly reapply venom and the attack speed steroid from Venomous Bite deals big damage. Save a broodling or two to bodyblock the enemy or soak tower shots while you dive. In teamfights, Cocoon the enemy damage dealer or support. Drop your web and ult the rest of their team away while your team focuses the cocooned target. Use broodlings to zone enemies from objectives or block escape paths.

As Arachne, your role is to get picks, create numbers advantages and snowball the game. Gank whenever your ult and web are up. Solo gold fury once you have The Crusher and a few ranks in Venomous Bite. Contest mid harpies and help your mid laner pressure lane. In teamfights, dive the backline with your ult to disrupt the enemy carries. Your teammates should follow up on your initiation to quickly burst one or two enemies. Drop webs and broodlings to control space during objective fights. Arachne relies on snowballing the game through picks and objectives, so be aggressive early but don’t dive 1v5 late game unless you’re extremely ahead.

In Joust and Arena, Arachne plays quite similarly. In Joust, start at your damage buff and look to invade the enemy damage camp after. Gank middle lane repeatedly and zone the enemy from the buff camps. Save your ult to peel enemies off your mage or hunter. In Arena, stay near your damage dealers and ult enemies diving them. Drop webs in chokepoints leading to your portal to slow enemies escaping. Cocoon enemies out of position so your team can collapse on them. Arachne excels at locking down kills for her team in the close quarters of Joust and Arena. Build bruiser items like Frostbound Hammer, Shifter’s Shield and Void Shield in these modes so you can be in the thick of battle.

Constantly applying pressure and getting kills is key to maximizing Arachne’s potential. Gank on cooldown and invade enemy jungle whenever possible. Push your advantage by taking objectives to further starve the enemy team. In team fights, dive the backline to disrupt squishy targets and peel for your damage dealers. Build CDR and protections so you can continuously spam abilities and survive diving the enemy. Arachne relies entirely on dominating the early game and controlling the pace of the match. Carefully choose your targets and don’t overcommit late game, allowing enemies farm can be devastating for Arachne.

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