Title: The Bear Goddess

Type: Melee, Magical

Roles: Guardian

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B+

Pros: High Crowd Control, High Sustain

Artio Guide

Artio is a versatile yet underrated God in SMITE. Artio has the potential to dominate matches with the right strategy and build.

In the laning phase, focus on safe farming and sustain. Artio’s passive provides HP5, and her DF 1 and HF 2 give health and mana regen. Rush Stone of Gaia, then build tanky with Breastplate of Valor and Genji’s Guard for CDR. This maximizes your sustain so you can stay in lane indefinitely. Farm carefully, back only when needed, and outlevel your opponent.

Artio works best in the solo lane where she can bully most matchups. She can also support in duo, protecting the hunter with her CC and sustain, but solo is optimal. In teamfights, your role is initiator and disruptor. Dive in, spam abilities to control the enemy, then escape and recharge. Repeat. Your sustain allows risks and chaos most supports cannot create.

For abilities, your 1 in both forms provides hard CC. Use DF 1 to root groups of enemies. When they escape, HF 1 stuns them. Use HF 3 to slow chasing enemies/divers. DF 3 knocks up, so use with ally CC. Your ult fears groups of enemies, allowing allies to dive in, or secures objectives like GF or FG by fearing contesters so you can burst them down.

Your 2 deals extra damage and provides utility. HF 2 reduces enemy damage, so use it on their main damage dealers in fights. DF 2 is an AoE cripple/damage, use it when enemies flee. Constantly switch forms – your power comes from adapting to the situation. Don’t stay in one form, use both. In teamfights focus squishies when possible, but mostly disrupt closest enemies. Peel for allies and wear down opponents over time. A well-played Artio controls teamfights.

Build tanky with Breastplate, Genji’s, and Stone of Gaia as core. Pestilence provides anti-heal, Winged Blade gives CDR and speed to escape. Finish with Spirit Robe and Mantle of Discord for maximum tankiness and CDR. Your role is to charge in, cause chaos, and escape – CDR and tankiness allow this.

If played properly, Artio controls matches through ability spam, tankiness, CDR, and sustain. Practice and patience are key. In solo, focus on farm and outleveling your opponent. Control teamfights and objectives with your ult and abundance of CC. A masterful Artio is unstoppable, pacing games and emerging victorious. Take time to learn Artio, and you’ll be a force that enemies fear!

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