Title: Titan of the Cosmos

Type: Melee, Magical

Roles: Guardian

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: A

Pros: High Crowd Control, High Defense

Atlas Guide

Atlas is a guardian in SMITE who excels at disrupting team fights and controlling objectives through crowd control.

In lane, Atlas focuses on clearing the wave with Shifting the Earth while poking enemies with Celestial Beams. Look for opportunities to pull enemies with Consign to the Heavens, allowing allies to follow up. This can net kills or force backs, allowing buff invades or proxy farming.

As a guardian, Atlas suits support in duo lane, though he can solo against physicals or jungle situationally. For support, build hybrid like Gauntlet of Thebes, Relic Dagger, and Mantle of Discord for defense, cooldowns, and health. For solo, build physical defense like Breastplate of Valor and Genji’s Guard, counterbuilding enemies. For jungle, start Bumba’s Mask and build damage and defense. Atlas adapts to roles.

In team fights, Atlas initiates by pulling priority targets like mid or ADC out of position with Consign to the Heavens so allies can collapse. Look to blink in, slow groups with Gravity, trap and bodyblock enemies in Shifting Earth. Use Purifying Slam to peel for allies. Crowd control and disruption turn tides.

For objectives, displace contesting enemies. Blink in and pull enemies from objectives with Consign to the Heavens, then slow with Gravity so allies can burn them. Bodyblock re-engages with Shifting Earth. Only use abilities if allies can follow up; Atlas lacks mobility without them. Area control and displacement give advantage.

Communication and teamwork are key for Atlas. Call out initiations so allies can follow up. Warn of Shifting Earth to prevent trapping allies. Note enemy ability downtime to transition from peeling to engaging. Build rapport with duo to coordinate kills and objectives. When backed by courageous allies, Atlas prevails.

Playing intelligently and as a team leads to victory. Look for plays that kill enemies or get objectives, but don’t overcommit without advantage. Follow up crowd control, peel and protect allies. With allies ready to act as one, Atlas emerges triumphant.

In Joust, Atlas plays similarly, focusing on engaging and peeling for teammates. Build defense to survive in the smaller space. Look for Consign to the Heavens plucks to start team fights around objectives like the Bull Demon King. Protect the lane from ganks with Gravity and Shifting Earth while clearing camps when possible. Teamwork remains key.

In Arena, focus on catching enemies out of position with Consign to the Heavens. Build damage and cooldown to maximize disruption and control space. Blink to pluck enemies into allied crowds and slow pursuers with Gravity. Trap and bodyblock paths with Shifting Earth. Arena rewards aggressiveness, so look for constant fights to control the crowd and manipulate enemies out of place. Build rapport to combo abilities with allies and secure kills across the map. Adapt and counterbuild to increase defenses against high damage comps, and stay mobile to assist everywhere.

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