Title: Goddess of the Moon

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Assassin

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: A

Pros: High Single Target Damage, High Mobility

Awilix Guide

Awilix is a deadly jungle assassin in SMITE that excels at punishing enemy mistakes and controlling the pace of the game. For Awilix’s laning phase, focus on efficient jungling to hit level 5 ASAP. Once you have your ult, Feather Step, look for ganks in duo or mid. Feather Step lets you knock up targets for easy kills. If a lane’s pushed up, Feather Step in, basic attack the enemy a few times, then ult them into your tower for an easy first blood.

As for positions, jungle is Awilix’s best role since she needs farm and levels fast. However, she can also solo or support in casuals. In solo, build hybrid and poke the enemy out of lane with Feather Step and Moonlight Charge. As support, build cooldown and auras to set up your carry. Look to pluck enemies into tower with your ult whenever possible. Awilix lacks natural tankiness, so be very careful if playing her in a solo lane or support role. Focus on avoiding damage and dragging out fights rather than straight up brawling.

For ability usage, Moonlight Charge is your main clear and poke. Use it to damage enemy gods through walls or minions. Gravity Surge, your ult, is best used when enemies are knocked up, to slam them into a wall, tower or your team. In teamfights, look for a big ult to decide the fight, then dive squishies with Feather Step and your 2. To secure objectives like Gold Fury or Fire Giant, ult enemies into the objective to steal or secure the kill.

Your role is to gank, get picks and control teamfights. Farm when your abilities are on cooldown, then look for ganks. In teamfights, try to ult 1-2 priority targets like the mid or carry into your team to blow them up fast. Then focus the rest of your abilities on other damage dealers. Awilix works great with knock-up comps, so draft gods like He Bo, Vulcan or Xing Tian on your team. Awilix herself lacks hard CC outside her ult, so in extended fights she relies on her team to help lock down kills after her combo.

In Joust, Awilix can be a solid pick. Focus on clearing your buffs and the middle harpy camp quickly, then look to gank middle lane. The close quarters of Joust make Awilix’s ult and feather step combo deadly. Build ability based to maximize your damage.In Arena, Awilix shines as her mobility and AoE damage output can secure kills even in the chaos. Look to poke with Moonlight Charge, then finish off low HP targets with Feather Step and your ult. Awilix lacks tankiness, so be careful not to dive too deep without your team.

Awilix requires fast reflexes and the ability to predict enemy movements to land her combos. But master her unique playstyle, and she’ll take you to the late game where her damage potential really shines through. Practice landing Gravity Surge on knocked up targets, learn to Feather Step over walls for surprise ganks and clear jungle camps as efficiently as possible. Do that, and you’ll be leaping, flipping and ulting your way to victory in no time!

Overall, Awilix rewards an aggressive yet calculated playstyle. Look for openings to gank, invade and dive then get out to avoid dying. Farm in between cooldowns and ganks to keep up in levels. Land your abilities, especially your ult, and you’ll snowball games single-handedly. But miss too many abilities or dives and you’ll fall behind, struggling to impact teamfights. Awilix teaches players the importance of efficiency, timing and calculated aggression – skills that translate across all roles and gods in SMITE.

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