Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga

Title: Witch of the Woods

Type: Ranged, Magical

Roles: Mage

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Area Damage

Baba Yaga Guide

To start, Baba Yaga excels in the solo lane during the laning phase. Focus on clearing the wave with your 1, Flight of the Witch, and look for poke damage on the enemy solo laner with your 2, Witchfire Brew. Save your 3, Baba’s Brew, to disengage from ganks or all-ins. Baba Yaga has great push and sustain, so playing up in lane and pressuring the tower is ideal. Be careful not to overextend without vision though.

For team compositions, Baba Yaga works best in damage-heavy comps where she can follow up on engage. She can flex into mid or even carry, though solo is her strongest role. In mid, focus on clearing wave and rotating to help your jungler contest mid harpies and buffs. As a carry, play safe until you get some items online, then look to shred objectives and tanks with your basics.

Now for ability usage. Your 1 is your main clear and poke. Use it on the wave, then immediately basic attack the enemy god for big damage.Your 2 is great for securing objectives like Gold Fury or Fire Giant. The damage over time will rack up and the healing reduction cripples the enemy team. In teamfights, drop your 2 on as many enemies as possible, then rain down damage with your 1 and basics.Your 3 is your getaway. Use it preemptively to dodge big damage like a Kraken or Mjolnir’s Attunement.

Also use it reactively to escape hairy situations.

Putting your cauldron out of sight, in the jungle for example, allows for surprise engages on unsuspecting enemies.Your ultimate, Baba’s Cauldron, is tricky to use but powerful. Drop it behind enemies in narrow jungle paths to zone them into your team. You can also drop it on objectives like Fire Giant or Gold Fury to secure the last hit or force enemies off of it. With full cooldown, Baba Yaga’s Cauldron will be up for most teamfights, so make use of it!

As Baba Yaga, your role is damage. You want to follow up on your support or jungler’s engage while pumping out as much damage as possible onto squishy enemies like mages or hunters. Stay behind your frontline, drop your abilities, and shred through enemies with basics. Help secure objectives and create pressure across the map. Baba Yaga relies on her team to get her to lategame, where she really shines.

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