Title: God of Wine

Type: Melee, Magical

Roles: Guardian

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: A

Pros: High Crowd Control, High Defense

Bacchus Guide

Bacchus excels in the Solo lane during the early game. His chug ability gives him great sustain, allowing him to prolong his time in lane. Focus on clearing the minion wave quickly, then poking the enemy Solo laner with your belch whenever possible. Once you reach level 3, look for kill opportunities with your belly flop. If your jungler ganks, that combo can easily secure early kills.

For team compositions, Bacchus fits well in aggressive comps with high early pressure. His crowd control and damage help snowball lanes. He can work in late game comps too, providing solid engagement and peel for carries. The Solo lane is typically the best position, but Support Bacchus with a high pressure attack damage carry like Neith or Ullr works too. In Solo, build hybrid bruiser items like Breastplate of Valor, Void Stone, and Ethereal Staff. As Support, build aura items like Sovereignty, Heartward Amulet, and Shogun’s Kusari.

In teamfights, initiate with your belly flop to knock up multiple enemies. Quickly chug, then belch, spamming your first ability to re-chug. Your damage and crowd control will disrupt the enemy team, allowing your damage dealers to follow up. Peel for your carriers using your knock up and intoxicate. To secure objectives like the Gold Fury or Fire Giant, use your ultimate. The area of effect damage and knock up zones enemies off the objective, making it easy for your team to quickly defeat it.

As Bacchus, you fill the tanky initiator role. Focus on engaging fights, disrupting enemies, and protecting your damage dealers. Start teamfights when your ultimate is available or you have a numbers advantage. In lane, call missing enemies and help in middle lane fights. Buy wards for your carries and help them secure buffs and objectives. Coordinate with your jungler for early ganks in Solo lane. Build aura items to support your teammates in fights.

Bacchus’s abilities synergize well. His chug reduces damage taken, so activate it before engaging or when focused. The belch deals bonus damage to intoxicated targets, so chug then belch for maximum damage. The belch also slows, keeping enemies in range of your belly flop. Belly flop toward enemies, then ult, knocking them up twice. The ult also reduces enemy healing, so use it in prolonged fights.

Some useful combinations:

Chug (1st ability) → Belch (2nd ability) → Belly Flop (3rd ability) → Ult (Ultimate): Full damage and crowd control chain. Use to initiate or counter-initiate teamfights.

Belch (2nd ability) → Belly Flop (3rd ability): Quick crowd control chain to set up kills in lane or pick off out of position enemies.

Chug (1st ability) → Ult (Ultimate): Simple initiation combination for objective fights or when Blink is unavailable.

In Joust and Arena, Bacchus plays very similarly. In Joust, focus the damage dealers and mage, protecting your own backline. Buy anti-healing to counter healers. In Arena, initiate fights whenever your abilities are up, and stay near your damage dealers to peel. Build full tank in both modes. Look for pluck opportunities on enemies out of position. Your ultimate can zone the entire enemy team, securing kills for your team.

Bacchus is a guardian who excels at disrupting enemies and zoning objectives. With practice, you’ll be belching and flopping your way to victory. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

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