Title: Goddess of War

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Warrior

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B+

Pros: High Defense

Bellona Guide

Bellona should be played in the solo lane. Focus on clearing the minion wave efficiently and boxing the enemy solo laner. Bellona has excellent sustain thanks to her 3, so look for opportunities to trade damage with your opponent frequently to force them out of lane. At level 2, if the enemy solo laner is out of position, you have the potential to secure an early kill using your 1 and 2.

Bellona functions well in nearly any team composition. As a warrior, she provides strong initiation, boxing potential, and teamfight control. I recommend building her with a mixture of damage and defense, including items such as Warrior Tabi, Gladiator’s Shield, and Frostbound Hammer. Add additional damage items like Runeforged Hammer or defensive items like Midgardian Mail depending on the needs of your team. Bellona can peel enemies off allies, dive the enemy backline, or match the enemy solo laner. Adapt your playstyle to suit the requirements of your team composition.

Bellona’s primary source of damage comes from Basic Attacks, so utilizing her passive ability and block stacks is crucial. Her passive provides her with protections and movement speed for each stack. Hitting enemy gods with abilities grants you one stack. Her 1 is a slam that slows enemies. Her 2 is a spin attack that blocks incoming damage. Her 3 heals Bellona and grants her protections. Use it before engaging in boxing matches. Her ultimate is a leap that stuns enemies upon landing.

In teamfights, keep your 2 and 3 active as much as possible to maximize your passive protections and block stacks. Focus either the enemy backline or solo laner and stick to them using Frostbound Hammer. Your 2 allows you to block important enemy abilities and your 3 reduces the damage you take. Look for opportunities to use Blink Rune to engage and then ult multiple enemies. Peel enemies off of your allied damage dealers by knocking them away with your 1. Place your 3 in chokepoints to gain vision.

Your primary role is to disrupt enemies, control teamfights, and initiate combat. Look to harass either the enemy carry or solo laner. Blink or charge into teamfights to cause chaos. Your ultimate and 3 provide excellent setup for your teammates. Build auras such as Void Shield to empower your damage dealers. Help secure objectives by using your 1 and 2 to zone enemies away from the area. Communicate with your team to coordinate attacks on priority targets.

Bellona overpowers her opponents through spamming abilities and Basic Attacks continuously during lane and teamfights. Her passive ability and block stacks steadily increase her tankiness and damage. Use your 3 for sustain and boxing matches. Blink into teamfights and then use your ultimate to deal massive damage and crowd control enemies. Frostbound Hammer ensures enemies struggle to escape you. A balanced build incorporating both damage and defense items maximizes Bellona’s aggressive playstyle. Perfect the execution of managing her passive and landing combinations of abilities to reign over fights and lead your team to victory.

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